Asperic Ocean

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Location of the Asperic Ocean
The Asperic Ocean is the ocean that lies between the continents of Tarephia in the west, Uletha in the north, Archanta in the east and Antarephia in the southeast. An alternative name for this ocean is the Central Ocean.

The Asperic Ocean is 6,000 km from west to the east, and 8,000 km from north to south. In the south of the Asperic Ocean then the sea is sometimes called Southsea.

In the north lay some groups of islands, such as Onnutu, Cocus Island and the Serene Islands. The Asperic Ocean in the north has three great gulfs. The first leads to Guyenne, which ended in Sathria at 36,7° N as most northern point. At his northwestern end is a small strait (only 11 km broad), the Strait of Abren, leading in the Hesperic Ocean. The second gulf ended near Castellán; and the third, the Gulf of Axia, lays east of the Gobras peninsula south of Wiwaxia leads along Orinoco to the eastern part of the sea. More southern at the east the White Sea divided the northern part of Archanta from the southern. At the western side the Bahia Latina divided Tarephia from Anterephia and leads there to the Strait of Lyc to the Hesperic Ocean.

For this central place between all four continents the Asperic Ocean is an important area for shipping-trade. Greatest harbours are Khaiwoon in the northeast, Porto Colon in Latina in the west, Negn Hobn in Zylanda in the east, Maralgola in Sathria in the north. Smaller, but important harbours are Leluwa in Onnutu, Campo Verde in Brasonia, Cabo Bonito in Liberia, and Hav, Augusta and Puerto Moreno on the Liberan peninsula.

Through the canal of Mecyna the Central Ocean is junctioned with the East Archantian Gulf. So it is unnecessary to sail around the southern part of Archanta.