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Astrasia is the southern sub-continent of Archanta. There are currently more than 40 states that lie partly or completly within Astrasia. To the north it is bordered by the White Sea, the Canal of Mecyna, and the Gulf of Archanta. To the east it is bordered by the Ardentic Ocean. To the south lies the South Sea and the western border is shaped by the Asperic Ocean. The non-sea border of Astrasia in Mecyna, a concept dating back to classical antiquity, is rather arbitrary and amounts to a historical, cultural, and social construct. The border in Mecyna used to be more to the north, as cartographers used to place the boundry between Archanta Major and Astrasia in a line from lake Hotakope to Glotaqua, but since the construction of the canal, the middle of that waterway is usually considered the boundary.


The climate in Astrasia is quite diverse, with dry steppes and savannah to the north-west and rainforests in the most north-eastern parts, to cold tundras in the south. In general most of the northern part of the continent has a dry mediterranean climate, except for the eastern fringes of the continent were humid winds from Kartumia and Pelanesia bring lots of rain. The Astrasia stream that flows from North Pelanesia to South Astrasia has a moderating influence on the climate of southern part of the continent, as it brings rain to the southeast and warmth to the southwest. And although the most southern part of the continent is covered in tundras and glaciers, its harbours remain ice free, due to the warm sea water from the northeast.


Country Capital Largest City Nominal GDP ($billion) Area (km2) Population Density
(per km2)
Goverment type Member of SWAEA
Drapeau du Royaume d'Ambroisie.jpg Ambrosia Port Ambroise Meridian 224 173 869.92 24,640,100 138 Constitutional Monarchy yes
Flag of Demirhan Empire.png Demirhanlı Devleti Tarsinar Ardeşehir 85.8 72,636.82 8,387,559 125 Constitutional Monarchy no
Deodecaflag.png Deodeca Douglas 8,059,398 Republic yes
ElhádhonFlah.png Elhádhon Künsmen 2.3 166 166,205 1001 Republic yes
Flag of Estelia.png Esteli Santos de Escocia 139.0 22,176 3,730,000 168 Republic yes
Lost country.png Forrintië Viaden 4,149.0 449,374 93,012,496 207 Constitutional Monarchy yes
South Ismikk Flag.png Ismikk Palmerston City 55.5 95,356 1,550,000 16 Republic yes
Karvaland flag.png Karvaland Duncaster Port Earnest TBD TBD 16,003,139 TBD Constitutional Monarchy yes
KovatanyFlag.svg Kovatany Renivohitra TBD 1224.64 101,188 82.62 Constitutional Monarchy yes
Flag Lezerne.png Levarrie Eburen 56.5 3,465 1,298,739 375 Republic yes
Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta Malojdeh 50,646.14 8,760,312 172 Republic yes
Template:New Cape Ali Redcliff 33,250 3,000,000 90 Republic no
Orlandiabandera.png Orlandia Saporiti 51,359 Republic no
Flagrots.png Řots Nekkar 410.3 160,924 9,760,312 61 Constitutional Monarchy yes
UnitedCitiesOfPlainusFlag.png United Cities of Plainus Commonwealth City Freelance .10 TBD 600,000 TBD Democracy no
Wapashian Flag.png Wapashia Tarkanara Peshpoto 8.4 32,824 515,490 16 Republic yes