Athanza Cartis

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The Athanza Cartis, was the first written record of the kingdom of Pretany by an early explorer from the south named, Ava, born CA 280 BC. His homeland is thought to be somewhere near current day southern coast of Sathria. His epic like poetic writings of the region in 250 BC spoke of the "Garingilog" a massive apocalyptic event that destroyed civilization. Society broke down and the "world", more than likely the region as the tribes knew it, was split into warring sects that eventually lost all of the technology from the old world through their continuous wars. The peoples banded together to form several petty kingdoms that battled each other for control of land and resources. The Garingilog was recorded in the histories of all of the petty kingdoms with slight variations to the legend.

Historians believe the myth is attached to an ancient kingdom or empire that may have resided east of the Egyts during the same time as the Sathrian Ionean Empire. The civilization may have been dismantlement by an undocumented war. Ava spoke of 24 waring kings and their gods of various decent and temperament. His writings described that as he traveled north and east he entered a "cold and inhospitable mountainous land and beyond that an endless swampy plain shrouded in a thick fog". Ava described the people of Pretany as "hardy, and as cold as air they breathe. Relentless in their lust of gold and women, and forever enraged from an unknown horrific event that happened a thousand years in the past." He then went on to speak of strange beasts and cannibals that would attack periodically from the hills at night. The people that resided beyond the mountains seemed to live in a state of war and poverty that was in his words, "as eternal as hellfire."

According to mythology, Ava died in a undocumented battle after joining a guild in his travels that wound up in a crusade against a horde of 30,000 men in tribal Suria. His writings were found in 1690 sealed within an unopened tomb in Raggleneth Temple. Archaeological evidence points to various cultures throughout current day Pretany that did exist at the time mentioned in Ava's writings, but the names, ethnic makeup, and actual number of the kingdoms and their kings is debated. There is little to no evidence explaining the origins of the peoples living beyond the Egyt Mountains or why they chose to live in such an environment that was detrimental to human life. The current day genetic population gives varied results with markers from nearly every corner of the globe.