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Attis ("The Fields") is an area in southern Blöndel, capital of Bloregia. As an administrative division of the municipality, Attis consist of three suburbs: Shordatt ("Harvest Field"), Myrratt ("Marsh Field") and Leiregatt ("Lake Field"). Shordatt is sometimes refered to as "Tujuli Attis" ("Attis Proper"). In a wider, historical sense, Attis also includes the suburb Riffatt and the divisions of Longtang and Forestile, although currently only the remaining agricultural areas within these divisions are labeled Attis. The larger historical Attis is sometimes called "Surr-Attis" ("Greater Attis").

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Attis became an independent municipality and church parish in 1805 and St. Abel's Church was built in 1820. For a long time, Attis remained parsely populated by poor peasants with little or no contact with the capital city. After Attis railway station was opened in 1899, a labourers' neighbourhood of wooden two-floor buildings began to emerge between Blöndel and the station / the church. In the year 1931 Attis was annexed into the urban municipality of Blöndel. Many peasants moving to the city sold there farms to the authorities, and new suburbs were zoned and built one after another: Longtang starting at 1934, Riffatt 1949, Myrratt 1963, Leiregatt 1970 and Forestia 1975. Administratively the area was fractioned in 1973, when the present system of divisions and suburbs was introduced. Only then the term Shordatt was officialized as the name of the former central Attis (Attis Proper) and the Greater Stadion area was annexed into the subdivision. In 1980 many of the remaining fields and forest in the historical Attis area were protected and no new suburbs have been planned since.