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OGFmapicon.png 53.679 N, 69.428 E
Official Name:
Shire Augustside

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Royal Subject in the Flag of the Kingdom of Pretany Kingdom of Pretany
Status Royal Subject
Capital Port Augusta
Largest City Port Augusta
Area 31135 km2
Demonym Augustsidian
Languages Ingerish/Pretanic
Population 5 860 000 (2015)
Density 188/km2

The Shire of Augustside is a shire in northern Pretany. The capital of the state is Port Augusta. Augustside sits on the northern shore of the pretanic arm of the Great Rift Sound. The Selby Highlands spread along the northern border.


The origin of Augustside lies around the city of Port Augusta which was one of the major ports that formed after the formation of the Kingdom of Pretany in 1374.

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