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The Federation of Ataraxia has developed a national autoroute network to complement its railway and trunk road network and connect relatively far-flung provinces and agglomerations.

The numbering system begins with the AX-1 through AX-7 series of motorways that radiate from Ataraxia City to different regions of the country.

The AX-8 through AX-20 autoroutes are additional trunk highways, while most autoroutes with higher denominations are branches, bypasses or spurs of the core network.

Note: Autoroutes are officially labeled AX-# and HV-# to distinguish from each other and motorways in neighboring countries. In common parlance, they are referred to (and sometimes signed) as the A1 or A25 in Ataraxia outside of the Haut-Var SAR.

Road Classification in Ataraxia

Color Numbering Administration Speed Limit (km/h) Description Type
 Blue  AX 1-20 Federal 80 (urban) to 150 (rural) Dual carriageway, limited access, 2x2 to 2x7 lanes (AX-3 south of Ataraxia City) Trunk Autoroutes
 Blue  AX 21-199 Federal 80 (urban) to 150 (rural) Dual carriageway, limited access, 2x2 to 2x8 lanes (AX-25 south of Ataraxia City) Spur Autoroutes
 Green  N 21-199 Federal 50 (urban) to 130 (rural) Dual carriageway, open access, some interchanges, 2x2 to 2x5 lanes National Routes
 Red  R 200-499 Regional 50 (urban) to 110 (rural) Dual or single carriageway, open access, 2x1 to 2x4 lanes Regional Routes
 Orange  P 500-999 Provincial 50 (urban) to 90 (rural) Dual or single carriageway, open access, 2x1 to 2x3 lanes Major Roads
 Yellow  M 1000-4999 Municipal 50 (urban) to 70 (rural) Single carriageway, open access, 2x1 to 2x2 lanes Minor Roads
 White  M 5000-9999 Municipal 30 (urban) to 70 (rural) Single carriageway, open access, 1x1 to 2x2 lanes Neighboorhood Streets


Map of proposed AX-16 with several alignment options between Landec and Élisabethville


One project is to extend the AX-4 southeast approx. 90 km (55 mi.) from Saturnay to at least the AX-8 as a first phase, creating a direct connection from the Great East region to Ataraxia City. This extension could continue as a second phase to Ataraxia's southern neighbor.


Long-proposed, unfunded northern autoroute in the Grand-Est region, from Saturnay through Baie Chevrise and Marienbad to Landec / Élisabethville. Short segments have been built, including the AX-96 around Landec and the AX-160 around Marienbad and Boulogne-sur-Mer.


The AX-25 bridge over the Coronado River long formed a bottleneck and headache for travelers in the Ataraxia City region. Opened in 2016, a 3 km (2 mi.) extension of the AX-35 from its prior terminus at the AX-25 in Bourg-la-Villénie to the AX-7 in Diego Garcia has provided some redundancy for drivers in the northern suburbs. An extension to St. Michel to further reduce traffic on the AX-25 in Diego Garcia and help access jobs in western suburbs is currently not funded.

List of highways

Note: cities in brackets {} not directly served

Autoroute Length (km) Length (mi) Destinations Served Common Name(s) Notes
 AX-1  679.9 422.5 Ataraxia City - Paulis - Coquilhatville - Léopoldville - Haut-Var SAR Autoroute du Var Only autoroute in Haut-Var SAR belonging to federal highway network
 AX-2  533.0 331.2 Ataraxia City - St. Sébastien - Oyonnax Autoroute du Grand Canal
 AX-3  304.5 189.2 Ataraxia City - Cartelet - Banningstad - Southern neighbor Autoroute du Midi
 AX-4  141.2 87.6 Ataraxia City - Port-aux-Princes - Saturnay
 AX-5  87.0 54.1 Ataraxia City - Marbella - Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo Autoroute de Delmar
 AX-6  121.3 75.3 Ataraxia City - Reino Oriental - Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo
 AX-7  253.6 157.6 Ataraxia City - Nouvelle Orléans - Costermansville - Fenelec
 AX-8  1101.3 684.3 Oyonnax - Banningstad - Stanleyville - Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia Autoroute Grand-Sud, Autoroute Grand-Est
 AX-9  267.7 166.3 {Stanleyville} - Élisabethville - Wiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia
 AX-10  442.0 274.7 Léopoldville - Villemarie - Oyonnax Traversée Grand-Ouest
 AX-11  595.5 (330 W + 266 E) 370.0 (205 W + 165 E) Villemarie - St. Sébastien - St. Éloi
 AX-12  355.5 220.9 {Carpathia} - Halifax - Oyonnax - Port Franqui - Trax - Southern neighbor Autoroute du Soleil, Grande Ceinture d'Oyonnax, Autoroute du Surf
 AX-13  647.9 402.6 Trax - St. Sébastien - Ponthierry - Costermansville - Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo
 AX-14  140.6 87.4 Baudoinville - Rosaville - Donatien Boucle Ouest d'Ataraxie-Ville (part) Western bypass of Ataraxia City
 AX-15  410.0 254.8 Villemarie - Ponthierry - Paulis
 AX-16  Proposed nothern autoroute in Grand-Est region
 AX-17  Jadotville - Lin - Ponthierry - Rosaville Autoroute du Lin (part)
 AX-18  315.1 195.8 Léopoldville - Jadotville - Northern neighbor Autoroute du Grand-Nord
 AX-19  {Léopoldville} - Alma - Gif
 AX-21  21.0 13.0 Trois-Rivières - Pré St. Germain Autoroute du Var (lower portion)
 AX-25  100.9 62.7 St. Germain - Bourg-la-Villénie - Diego Garcia - Perseus - Rive Sud - Trois-Rivières Grande Ceinture d'Ataraxie-Ville Ataraxia City outer beltway
 AX-29  27.7 17.2 Oyonnax - Chinonville Boucle Nord d'Oyonnax
 AX-35  23.9 14.9 Bourg-la-Villénie - Boulogne-sur-Var - Rive Sud Petite Ceinture d'Ataraxie-Ville Part of inner beltway of Ataraxia City
 AX-45  75.1 46.6 St. Maurice - Cartelet - Port-aux-Princes Boucle Sud d'Atarxie-Ville Southern bypass of Ataraxia City
 AX-55  33.2 20.7 Delmar - Reino Oriental Boucle Nord d'Ataraxie-Ville Part of northern bypass of Ataraxia City
 AX-65  108.6 67.4 Baudoinville - Combault - Reino Oriental Boucle Nord d'Ataraxie-Ville Part of northern bypass of Ataraxia City
 AX-75  85.6 53.2 Fenelec Traversée de Feneix Fenelec (partial) beltway
 AX-85  36.5 22.7 Stanleyville Stanleyville (partial) beltway
 AX-87  48.1 29.9 Oyonnax - Cité Soleil Petite Ceinture d'Oyonnax, Autoroute du Soleil Oyonnax beltway
 AX-95  36.6 22.8 Landec Raccordement de Landec A9 spur to Landec
 AX-96  6.9 4.3 Landec Rocade de Landec
 AX-99  67.9 42.2 Élisabethville - Ste. Anne
 AX-101  49.2 30.6 Léopoldville - Charlesbourg Contournement de Léopoldville
 AX-105  42.3 26.3 Coquilhatville Rocade de Coquilhatville Coquilhatville beltway
 AX-115  57.8 35.9 St. Sébastien Contournement de St. Sébastien St. Sébastian beltway
 AX-117  34.2 21.2 Cadillac Chemin des Prairies, Contournement de Cadillac
 AX-125  34.4 21.4 Merone - Port Franqui
 AX-135  39.8 24.7 Boyard Spur to northern Trax Suburbs and Fort Boyard
 AX-151  2.9 1.8 Villemarie Raccordement Villemarie-Centre
 AX-155  13.7 8.5 Paulis Rocade de Paulis Connects A1 to A15 at Paulis
 AX-181  49.4 30.7 Coquilhatville - {Jadotville} Connects A1 at Coquilhatville to A18
 AX-185  111.0 69.0 Jadotville - Northern neighbor
 AX-187  16.6 10.3 Brandt Raccordement de Brandt
 HV-1  223.3 138.8 Ataraxia-Nord - NW neighbor Autoroute du Var Signed as  AX-1 
 HV-2  55.1 34.2
 HV-3  14.9 9.3
 HV-4  18.7 11.6