Auvernese language

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The Auvernese language ("Auvernes" in Auvernese) is an Uletarephian/Romantish languages named for its origins in Auvernia, in what is southern of Castellán. It's a official language in countries as Valosia and Saneusitania, where the language is known as Eustanese. It's co-official language of the Castellanese regions of Auvernia and Catania.

Auvernese evolved from several dialects of Romantian, through the mass expuslions during Purgatio Nortia or the Notion Clearances. It was first documented in Kingdom of Auvernia in the 12th century.

Auvernese closely related to languages like Astur, Castellanese, Catanese, Franquese, Florescentian, Garonese, Ispelian, Románš, Satro-Romance and many others.