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Avewood is the Capital of Lallemand flag.png Lallemand


Avewood is split into 8 voting districts and 75 designated neighborhoods of varying sizes (population and area). Most of these districts have no shared culture but each Avewood neighborhood does. The 8 districts are: Greater South (Redondo Beach, Cariocas Beach, Okugun, South Airport, Winding Oaks, Sky Village, Southwest and Ndida Avewood), Center City (Ikeja City, Downtown, Uptown, Midtown, Cross Ridge, Marina, Industry, Crow Park, Castilla), Greatridge (Buksh, CrossUni, Uwoontu, Wild Crossings, New Crossing, Oboagbodo, Post Oak, South Post Oak, Ondo, Villas Estate, Zoo Estate, The Villa, Dresden Hills, Oji), Azonto Northwest (Hurst, Azonto-Refugee Village, Fonisha, Katsina, Dhaiwoon Gardens, Khaiwoontown, Sloebush, Eba Estate, AgriUni), North Central(Ariwa Side, Northend, Dale, Ashokoto, Obafede, Forsyth, Torquay, Diakate, Ijaw), Greater Obodo (Umuofia, Gbosi, North Valley, Afik, Font Hill, Agbor, Obodo, City Port, Awimbabwe, College Parks, Ozuzu), Abiafoma (Mmeri City, Orogbo, Aziza, Mbaino, Dakarai, Sowesoma, University, South Valley, North Coast, The Grand, Eko Beach) and Upper North (Abidugun City, Irving Park, Fire Palace, Dada Village, Hanging Gardens).

Name Area (square miles) Population population/ area Facts and Important Places
Greater South 22 220 000 10 000 Very wealthy area, about 50% of the islands millionaires live here. 14,711 millionaires, or 7% of the population compared to the national average of .7%.
Center City 5 480 000 96 000 Densest area mostly filled with middle class apartments and world class entertainment, safe and affordable, but small personal space.
Greatridge 23 440 000 19 000 A mostly middle class area with a high diversity. It has some struggling outer neighborhoods.
Azonto Northwest 21 330 000 15 000 A mostly lower middle class region with varying incomes and a high Khaiwoon population. Includes some of the poorest regions in the country.
North Central 10 290 000 29 000 An extremely poor district with an abundance of crime. Known for it's out of this world violence in every neighborhood in this city.
Greater Obodo 20 400 000 20 000 A lower middle class district with decent housing, and a higher than average crime rate, this sector is littered with trouble spots.
Abiafoma 15 330 000 22 000 A solid middle class area that resembles middle class haven similar to that of Praetor Hills, known for the lack of crime.
Upper North 19 140 000 7 000 A poor and violent area known for shootings and high crime, although it is as diverse as Greatridge, it's diversity has led to more violence.
Avewood 135 2 635 867 19 000 The Capital and largest city in the country.

Government and Importance


Name Population Murders per 100,000
Greater South 220 000 15 6.82
Center City 480 000 45 9.38
Greatridge 440 000 43 9.77
Azonto Northwest 330 000 54 16.36
North Central 290 000 144 49.66
Greater Obodo 400 000 126 31.50
Abiafoma 330 000 23 6.97
Upper North 140 000 66 47.14
Avewood 2 635 867 515 19.54