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BagelBurgerz is a growing fast food restaurant chain based in Freedemia, specializing in sandwiches and burgers made with bagels for buns, as well as a smaller breakfast menu with bagel based foods.

"Fast Food that's a Hole in One!!"


In 1982, Innovation Foods Inc. began moving into the fast food business, well known for making fast food restaraunts with a unique spin. In 1983, DinerBurgers started off as Innovation Foods' first chain, specializing in affordable 50's style diner food. Later, in the 1990's they attempted to duplicate success seen from DinerBurgers with a new chain called FutureBurgers, which was a flop. Innovation Foods focused on DinerBurgers' success until the 2000's.

BagelBurgerz was created in 2002 with the creation of the first location in Quentinsburgh. Since then, the fancier fast food restaurant known for nice spacious locations started expanding throughout Freedemia. It has become a strong competitor for companies like SubHub and ExtraSubOrdinary, as their Bagelwiches are similar to sub sandwiches offered by those restaraunts.

In 2014, BagelBurgerz opened its first international location. A store was opened in the "Shopios" mall in Balonis City. This is currently the only international location.

Signature Food Items

  • Bagelwiches
  • Bagelburgerz
  • BreakfastBagelz
  • HashbrownBowlz (small bowls of hashbrown bits)

BagelValu Menu and BagelKidz

Since bagels cost a bit more, most burgers and sandwiches made with MiniBagels are on the BagelValu menu, with prices between f`1 and f`2. The same bagel meals are on the BagelKidz menu for f`3.50 and include a drink and a toy.