Bahia Latina

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The Bahia Latina (Latinian Bay) is a gulf of the Asperic Ocean at the eastern end of the Strait of Lyc between the continents of Tarephia and Antarephia. This sea has its name from Latina, which land lays at the northern coast of the bay.

North of 17° S the Bahai Latina itself has a smaller bay to the northwest, the Bahia Bergez.

Important ports at the northern shore are Cordoba, Saguset at the Bahia Bergez and and Belsante at the Bahia Latina itself, all in the country of Latina. Important ports at the southern shore includes Reinstadt and Fuchsrot, Kaosha.

Locating at offshore Kaosha in the southern part of the sea, the Great Cursor Reef is a major coral reef in the world.