Bai Quarter (Gobras City)

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Gobras City's Bai Quarter (百区 Bǎi qū), or Ward 13, is a ward in Gobras City, Gobrassanya. It borders Axien Quarter to the north, Ward 14 to the east, Nove Strip to the west and Coronado to the south. The quarter is home to one of the highest concentration of Bai people in Uletha and also one of the oldest Bai ethnic enclaves in the region.


The quarter has a Bai-speaking university, the International Bai University, set up by rich Bai businessmen in the 1800s when they first arrived in Gobras City for the Bai settlers in the area, who were too poor to afford a ticket home to get educated or unable to take up a non-Bai course in the area. The International Bai University continues to teach Bai-related material, including the Traditional Bai Arts and Culture course which remains popular and has seen more non-Bai taking up the course. A neighbouring affiliated school, the Gobras City Bai International High School also takes in Bai students and educates them in the Bai language and follows the Bai curriculum. Other schools in the area include the Gohanian-speaking Gohangukian International Academy and the Ninwa Art School.


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