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Bắc Đẹp
Federal Capital
CountryFlag of Kuehong.png Kuehong
 • Federal DistrictBakdep Federal District

Bakdep (Kuehongese: 北叶 Bắc Đẹp) is the federal capital of Kuehong and the seat of government of the Bakdep Federal District. It was founded in 1999 and was made the capital of Kuehong in a ceremony in the same year, shifting the seat of government from the overcrowded and densely-populated Namthinhvuong. It has an area of 904 km2 and has a population of around five million. It borders Chien Linh to the north and west, Loi Xo to the southeast and Trac Khe to the southwest.

Plans were announced by then Chairman Tran Tu Tin in his 1985 Chairman speech to move the capital from Namthinhvuong to a more central location within Kuehong. Designs for the capital were submitted in a competition held in 1987 and was won by a team led by Throwspencil Deseykhasibeniheltsi and Văn Đỉnh Xương from a renowned architectural firm. The design incorporated the shape of the country's national flower, the Prunus mume, for the central area of the capital, with the country's symbol, the eight-point sun, at its centre. Various names of the districts in the city were named after pioneers of Kuehong, the various values upheld by the military regime and other notable places in Kuehong. During the construction, a lottery was launched throughout Kuehong to award households around the country to move into the capital. About 1 million households, or about 3 to 4 million people, were selected. The capital was completed in 1998 and officially opened in 1999.

As the seat of the government of Kuehong, Bakdep hosts the National Assembly Complex, the National Supreme Court, the National Stability and Security Council Office, the official residence of the Chairman and the headquarters of various government departments. The city also hosted the 2019 International Expo.

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