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8, 12.857, 60.732
Estados Federados de Balam-Utz
Balam-Utz Kaah
FlagCoat of arms
"Ian Lak 'ech, Hala Ken"
"Yo soy otro tu, y tu otro yo"
Tuux Cahanec (De donde venimos)
CapitalMotul (Ciudad Autonoma)
Largest cityEk-Balam
Official languagesTwo languages from two etnic groups Mayanse, Castellanese
 • Regional languagesCastellanese Criol, Mayanse of North
Ethnic Groups
Mayanse 25%,

Mixed Race 22% Ptolomyan 19% Castellanense 17%, White Gobrassian 9%, Qugian 3% Khaiwoonese 2,6%,

Others 2,4%,
 • PresidentChilam Ruiz Del Olmo
 • ChancellorFernando DeMoinz
 • Estimate (2016 estimate)12,581,638
 • Per capita$
HDIIncrease 0.785
CurrencyCoaac (CO)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.bu

The Balam-Utz, officially "Balam-Utz Kaah" (Mayanse) Ingerish "Federation States of Balam Utz" is a country in northern Liberian Peninsula, facing the Sea of Mojaca in Central Ocean to the East. It mostly consists of areas of rainforest and Zontles mountains of the north border with UL208 and Baldoria, and in the south facing with Riko and Justina Republic.

Characteristically, the nation is divided into two subnations by the Xibalbakhan River, the Castellanenses on the north and in the south the natives mayanse.

Balam-Utz is a federal republic and presidentialism nation, but the etnic division of north and south make a first government from mixed etnics in 2010 and sending the capital from Ek-Balam (Kaan Kuun have conflicts of administrative lidership with Puerto Moreno) to Motul near to Xibalbakhan River in to inlands territory.


Balam-Utz, meaning good jaguar, this goes back to the first Mayanse empire with King Pakal I who was called Balam (jaguar) by his father King Canek Ceh and the adjective good for his compassion to strangers who came to the north of the empire . In 1835, the Mayanse empire was controlled by the colonizers, dominating and renaming Liberian Eastern Territory. With the rise of the Second Empire and its war against the government of Puerto Moreno, the country was called Oriental Liberian Republic. When peace came the governments of North and South agreed to appoint Balm-Utz in honor of the first governor who seek peace, King Pakal Balam, El Jaguar Bueno.


First inhabitants

The first settlers were from the islands Plurinesian sailed the Aspheric Ocean to the Ja'Khan Islands but these nomadic peoples arrived on the continent in 1000 occupying uninhabited jungle areas Xibalbakhan and east coast.

Mayan Kingdom

The period of only lasted until 1425 kings, when conquerors Castellanenses arrived Ek-Balam and created a war 12 years to remove the Pakal I kings and their sons, fled to Khan Kun, with less influence in the service of crown.


The Castellanese Liberan Colony....

Independence and Republic

After the battle of San Santiago, the ethnic castellanenses founded a republic, but political conflicts with foreigners to Baldoria, decided to create two nations, which most castellanenses were in the Oriental Liberan Republic, and established as capital Puerto Moreno.

With the fear that Baldoria invade the capital with ingerish, the capital San Santiago with the name change in Republic City and also have more control over the population of ethnic Mayanse already formed small city-states more autonomous of the republic.

In the twentieth century fears of foreign intervention in Oriental Liberan Republic, entering the War to have more control of west Aspheric Ocean.

After the war, the Oriental Liberan Republic have ethnic problems mayenses demanding more political representation, the situation leads to a dictaudura supported by General Federico Corleone of Castellan for about 30 years, but after wear guerrillas and the Revolution May in Castellan, General Corleone in that withdraws troops of the republic, this comes to Republic City and the military group decreed peace accords to refound the country as Balam- Utz.

New Nation and recent years

Balam Utz rebuild their cities and integrates the ethnic regions in a single government, coupled to prohibit a military or hegemonic ethnic group in its new constitution in 1987. Balam Utz became the 90s in an area of political refugees, and war, but in the crisis Olaconia where attacks against refugees and make a terrorist attack in Reunion Station of Puerto Moreno, which ended with the integration of this territory the federation to give political autonomy and facilities to its inhabitants, also, protect with Riko, trade and communications Liberan peninsula forming the ULP


It is a representative federal republic under the Constitution of 1997, which eliminates the orders of ethnic supremacy for a completely equility government between the two major ethnic groups.

Executive power is exercised by the President, this is the head of government and state, and is supported by his ministers in various branches.

The federal congress in 2016
Legislative power is held by the two chambers of Congress, the House of Representatives (60 places) eleigidos democratically and living Senators (30 seats), democratically elected.

Political parties can not have by itself an absolute majority of the Congress, nor be of a military nature.

The judiciary is elected by the proposals of the senators removal at 10 years.

All federal or state office refuted a referendum medium term for the population that their qualification early termination or ability to allow them to manage their mandate with the possibility of more reelection.


See also: List of presidents and leaders of Balam- Utz


It is divided into two chambers (Assembly members and senators), elected by the districts of each state BalamUtz.

There are currently two political alliances, PDF-PSDN-UCs (center-right Liberal), the SEAP-IUS-FNL (Socialist Left, nationalism and indigenism) as well as the MLN (libertarian) and GIO (party independence for Olaconia )

Administrative divisions

The administrative division of the Federative States of Balam-Utz.

Balm-Utz is divided into 6 federal and sovereign states and 2 Federal Territory, Motul Territory have legislation of autonomous federal state, but there reside the national capital (in cursive). The last national subdivision is a free state and associate where they can have their own collection of taxes and own regional laws , but sovereignty is rigid by the federation , the governor is elected and accepted by the national congress , and its citizens have the nationality Likewise Balamkuns armed forces are ready for fedracion and its members can not be in that territory, but if their police forces National Gendarmerie.

Flag State name Capital city Estimated population (2015) Code
Balamflag vectorized.png Balam Ek-Balam 5,520,000 BA
CostaCentral.png Costa Central Kaabah 1,400,000 CC
Delnorte.jpg Del Norte Mesa 1,590,500 DN
NuevaCatania.png Nou Catania Puerto Moreno 4,200,500 NC
Holbox.jpg Holbox Khan Kun 2,830,200 HO
Xibalbakhan flag.png Xibalbakhan Palen'Ke 220,250 XB
Flag Federal Territory name Capital city Estimated population (2015) Code
Boox.png Southern Territory of Bo'ox Etzna 330,200 BO
Mo flag.png Motul Motul 2,550,410 MO
Flag Free State and Associed Capital city Estimated population (2015) Code
Flag Olaconia.png Olaconia Antonina 450,000 OL


The economy of Balam-Utz is very diverse, with rural, industrial and service activities in various branches.

Agricultural and livestock activity is established in the northern states, as Del Norte and Dorado, being delnorte a fertile field growing vegetables and wine, so too cane sugar. Dorado serves as the center of the country with cattle and beef cattle. There are also cattle revenues in the state of Balam.

The industry concentrates on manufacturing, aerospace desarrolo and processing of metals in industrial centers like the corridor Puerto Moreno-Polaris and Cabo Miranda.

Balm-Utz mind is internationally recognized for its tourism, the city of KhanKun has beaches and bays to the delight of bathers as well as national and international hotels. Ek-Balam and Kabaah are other cities where tourists come to the beaches. Ecotourism is also source of income, and their forests far outweigh this activity in the cities of Motul, Palenke and Etzna.

The historical tourism is also source of income, in the cities of Puerto Moreno, Ek-Balam and Motul with its ruins and ancient cities.

Foreign relations

Balam is a peaceful country which is distinguished by its diplomatic priority agenda. It is considered important in neutral decisions and that brings in more humanitarian aid for natural disasters or war to other nations because of the hard lessons of the war past in its territory. It has good bilateral relations with Baldoria (sharing the river gold) and the United Kingdom of Riko, with our mutual cooperation ties that began in the peninsula by the case of Occacina-Ptolemy and other conflicts monitors unstable nations and borders in the freed Peninsula with the ULP

He is founding member of the Union of the Liberan Peninsula, and active in the Commonwealth of Castilophone Countries and SUECC

Country in construction. coming soon...