Banneg International Circuit

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Banneg International Circuit

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Country Neo Delta
Location Banneg
Length 5,003 km
Opened 1996
Capacity 120,000
Lap record n/d

Banneg International Circuit is a motorsport circuit located in and named after the city of Banneg, in southern Neo Delta. It was opened on March 11, 1996. The circuit goes in an anti-clockwise direction. One of the distinguishing aspects of the circuit is that it was not built on flat terrain, but follows the ups and downs of a hilly ground. There are two helipads and a hospital within the area of the circuit.

Banneg International Circuit is the headquarters of the Neo Deltan racing team, the DNZ Racing and it is part of the 2016 Premier Formula season calendar. The circuit has been part of the Premier Formula calendar as the host circuit of the Neo Delta Grand Prix since 1996, when it replaced the Old City International Circuit in Old City.