Barum Em Vallarka

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Barum Em Vallarka (born in Bhagurah on May 4th 1985) is the current king (rekyh) of Goytakanya and the second one in the modern times, and is so much popular in the country. Despite was born and lives in a poor country, is listed as the 32th most rich person of the world.

Early life and background

Barum was born in 1985 in Bhagurah, following the goytakano`s kings tradition. His father, Karus, was the first king of the modern times of Goytakanya. Studied in foreigner lands, as Cariocas, Brasonia and Gobrassanya in some periods, but grew up in Goytakanya, as a way of be together his people and preparation to reign.

Political life

After his father Karus abdicated the reign due health problems, Barum was declared king in January 1st 2000. (...)

Since early life, he lives and faces the political tension against Suvuma, looking for international recognition to Goytakanya. During his father reign, only Cariocas and Lallemand recognized Goytakanya. During Barum reign, the number of countries recognizing Goytakanya jumps to seven, including Freedemia, most recently.

Barum got a significant popularity in Goytakanya, and even abroad, due his filantropy. In not rare events, he uses money from his own fortune buying goods to the goytakano people, as building three hospitals and buying buses to the public transport company.

Barum is considered a good governor by international press, but is known, still today Barum looks for advices from his father and old king Karus.

Personal life

Barum is married to Tamrys, a (...)

Barum likes sports very much, and is not a secret he is a fanatic fan of Rapyd Bhagurah football team, despite he never invested much money in this team than the other ones from Goytakanya.

As a rich man, he got some extravagances, even living in a poor country. In his garage, there are a collection of 12 cars. He also owns mansions in Gobrassanya and Cariocas.

During his early life, he was caught several times driving above speed limits. (...)