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Baseball is the second biggest sport in Freedemia behind Foosball. Each major city and most medium sized towns have (or is soon to have) a team in the Freedemian Baseball League (FBL).

Freedemian Baseball League (FBL)

For the country's small size, it has a very large amount of professional teams in the Freedemian Baseball League, currently 40, possibly rising to 48 by 2025 as part of an initiative to incorporate two teams from smaller towns from each of the four states into the league. Freedemia has become known as a place where almost anyone legitimately good at baseball can make the major leagues, which is seen as a gift and a curse- while Freedemia has seen its share of baseball greats, Freedemia's champion teams tend to be about the equivalent of other league's minor league teams, which often shows in international competitions, where less-experienced Freedemian teams are often crushed (especially those competitions where the Freedemian championship team plays other world championship teams). However, Freedemia does have many world-class players, and the all-star and Pancontinental Games teams tend to show that more and more.

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Quentins A

Quentins B

Reeds A

Reeds B

Goulds A

Goulds B

Natura A

Natura B

Two teams from each division go into the playoffs, where they will then play each other in a best out of three match, and one team from each division moves on, then the remaining eight teams play each other in best out of five matches and the final two play in the Baseball National Series Championship in Quentinsburgh, a best out of seven match.


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University Teams

University teams act almost as a minor league for the FBL. Every large four-year university has a baseball team. (more soon)