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10, -17.4712, 22.0358
République Beaumontaise
The Flag of BeaumontanThe Great Seal
FlagCoat of arms
"Dirigeons la mer, mes frères!"
Rule the sea, my brothers!
Hymne Beaumontaise
and largest city
Official languagesFranquese
 • National languagesFranquese
 • Regional languagesFranquese, Balavalonian
Ethnic Groups
"White" (37%), "Black" (45%), "Mixed" (16%), Other (2%)
NationalitiesBeaumontan (84%), Balavalonia (12%), Broceliande (3%) Other (1%)
DemonymBeaumontaner (Ingerish), Beaumontien(ne) (Franquese)
GovernmentFederal Republic
 • Émilio BrillenPresident
 • Michelle PadeauPrime Minister
Legislaturel'Assemblée (The Assembly [of Representatives])
 • Upper houseLe Sènat
 • Lower housel'Assemblée des Représentants
 • Total12 992 km2
5 016 sq mi
 • Water (%)54 (7016 sq. km)
 • Estimate (2018)5 121 000
 • Census (2015)5 077 639
 • Density847.681/km2
1890.69/sq mi
 • Total$345 000 000 000 (in USD)
 • Per capita$67 945 (in USD)
GDP (nominal)
 • Total$312 278 000 000 (in USD)
 • Per capita$61 500 (in USD)
HDI (2016)Decrease 0.911
very high
Timezone+1 WUT
CurrencyTarephia Tare (TAT)
Drives on theleft

Beaumontan is a democratic nation located in the south-central part of Tarephia. It consists of five provinces, which all centre around the Bay of beaumontan. Covering about 12990 km² of territory and 7014.6 km² in land area, Beaumontan is a very small nation. Baumontan has border anomalies with all of its neighbours, from Hélien-Hossens with Balavalonia, to Bar-Beaumontan-Bar-Brocéliande with Brocéliande, to Grèff with Allendea. Its capital and largest city is Chavalenne, followed by Sevaille, Pilourd, and Salson, respectively. Beaumontan is extremely densely populated, with an average population density of 730/km². The majority of the land is mountainous, forested, or protected on some level.