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The logo of Beishan Bus Rapid Transit.

Beishan Bus Rapid Transit (Meilanese: 北山快速公交), commonly referred to as Beishan BRT, is a bus-based mass transit system in the city of Beishan, in the province of Beichen in Meilan. It handles approximately 50,000 passenger trips daily and connects the port of Beishangang in the north to Olympic Stadium in the south. The system consists of one main line with 23 stations and a branch line to Beishan International Airport, with 3 stations. With the exception of sections in downtown Beishan along Guohe Road, Jiulong Road, and Tianshan Road and in the airport grounds, much of the route is entirely grade-separated from other vehicular traffic.


Architects originally envisioned an express railway line connecting the port of Beishangang with the city center of Beishan, terminating at Zhongshan Park, where a connection could be made to Metro Line 4. The line would have stops near Datong, Beishan International Airport, and the business district of Beishangang, before terminating at the ferry docks. A right-of-way was purchased along much of the current route, from the northern terminus as far south as Anshan Road. However, due to funding shortfalls and a lower than anticipated passenger demand, the decision was ultimately made to build bus-only roadways instead.

  • In 2000, the first phase opened, from Beishangang Ferry Docks to Andemen.
  • In 2002, stops were added at Tanggu Road, Hai'an Road, and Qingpu Road, due to development in the area.
  • In 2003, a stop was added at East Youyi Road.
  • In 2004, the line was further extended south, along a new right-of-way and bus lanes on Jiulong and Guohe Roads, to terminate at Olympic Stadium, providing a connection to Metro Lines 2 and 3.
  • In 2006, a stop was added at New Dongmen Road.
  • In 2008, the branch to the airport was introduced, with the opening of a new roadway, connecting West Airport Road station with the airport grounds. As part of this new opening, stops were added at Aerospace Park and Beishan International Airport (Terminal 1 Arrivals).
  • In 2010, coinciding with the opening of the new Airport Express line, a stop was added at the Beishan Airport Express Station.

Route and stations

The route begins at Olympic Stadium and travels along dedicated bus lanes on Guohe Road to Jiulong Road, crossing over the G10 Beimei Expressway. It turns north and parallels much of the expressway for the rest of its route, travelling along bus lanes on Jiulong Road, then a dedicated section to the immediate east of Inner Ring Road, before merging with Tianshan Road. This section of Tianshan Road currently does not have dedicated bus lanes. North of Anshan Road, the main branch of the route to Beishangang is entirely grade-separated. A branch to Beishan International Airport splits off north of West Airport Road Station, travelling east on a dedicated right-of-way to the airport grounds before merging with local traffic.

In addition to the dedicated bus rapid transit routes, many local bus routes use sections of the bus rapid transit network.

The route is as follows:

Number Stop Name Transfers
Guohe Road dedicated bus lanes
1 Olympic Stadium 奥体广场 Metro Line 2, Metro Line 3
Jiulong Road dedicated bus lanes
2 Jiulong Road at Jiaxing Road 九龙路嘉兴路
3 Olympic Pond 奥体湖
4 Jiulong Road at Guozhan Road 九龙路国展路
5 Jiulong Road at East Guobin Road 九龙路国宾东路
Grade-separated right-of-way
6 Jiulong Road at Xilin Road 九龙路西林路
7 Baoshan Park 宝山公园
8 Shata Road 沙塔路
9 Andemen 安德门 Metro Line 1, Metro Line 4, Airport Express Line
Tianshan Road mixed traffic
10 Shanhaiguan Road 山海关路 Metro Line 4
11 New Dongmen Road 新东门路
12 Zuchongzhi Road 祖冲之路 Metro Line 4
13 Zhongshan Park 中山公园 Metro Line 4
Grade-separated right-of-way
14 Anshan Road 鞍山路
15 Qingpu Road 青浦路
16 East Youyi Road 友谊东路
17 Zhouhai Road 洲海路
18 West Airport Road 机场西路
Spur to Airport - grade-separated right-of-way
18A Aerospace Park 航天公园
Spur to Airport - mixed traffic
18B Beishan Airport Express Station 北山机场机场快线站 Airport Express Line
18C Beishan Airport Terminal 1 Arrivals 北山机场第一航站楼到达
Main line - grade-separated right-of-way
19 Hai'an Road 海岸路
20 Tanggu Road 塘沽路
21 Jiangxin Road 江心路
22 Beishangang Road 北山港路
23 Beishangang Dock 北山港码头 Ferry to Valcourt, Beaudry

Service frequencies

Branch Weekdays Saturdays Sundays
Early AM AM Peak Midday PM Peak Evening Night Early AM Day Evening Night Early AM Day Evening Night
Olympic Stadium – Beishangang Dock 8 4 4 4 4 8 8 4 4 8 8 4 4 8
Olympic Stadium – Beishan Airport 8 4 8 4 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

Future expansion

Instead of terminating at Olympic Stadium, there are plans to extend the line further southwards, travelling along Guohe Road and Highway 110 to the popular tourist destination of Mount Mohan.