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9, -17.9003, 50.4437
República Federal da Belgrávia
Flag of Takora
"Ser o melhor sempre"
Being Better Ever
Opportunity Motherland
Belgravia shown within Gran Lusland
Largest citySlovech
Official languagesBrasonian, Luslandese and Belgravian
 • Regional languagesLatinian and Tupi-Guarani
NationalitiesBelgravians (54%), Brasonians (25%), Luslandeses (15%), Latinians (3%), Others (3%)
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Republic
 • PresidentTico Desterro
 • Vice PresidentFlavio Schock
 • Chancellor of CongressTBD
 • Territorial SuperintendentTBD
LegislatureBelgravian Federal Legislature
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseHouse of Congress
 • Estimate (2014)TBD
CurrencyTBD (TBD)
Drives on theright

Belgravia is a semi-autonomous republic northeast of Gran Lusland. Known as "The Lady", because its map of coast line and main river, Belgravia is a country, part of Gran-Luslandia. Other nickname is "The Satellite" ("Der Satelisk" in local dialect), because is a country far from other urbans centers in Gran-Lusland. Is a multicultural place, because the immigrants who built the Republic.

Administrative Divisions

see main article Provinces of Belgravia

Despite being a little territory, Belgravia is divided in three provinces and more two districts.

Districts and Capitals

Name Abbrev. Capital
District of Baltimoria BL Nova Baltimore
Province of Slovech SL Slovech
Province of Stockerau ST Stockerau
Province of Volgrenia VG Markovburgo
District of Vallmark VM Vallmark




The official language is Brasonian but the Belgravian is a dialect larguely used. Brasonian is a form of Luslandese, and Belgravian is a mix of slavic languages, created by the immigrants that settled the region around 200 years ago. The traditional Luslandese is officially used too.


As mentioned, Belgravia is known as "The Lady", because its map of coast line and main river.

Natural Resources



Motoways System

Belgravia has a system of toll highways and expressways whit no speed limit, except where across urban areas.

There are three Motorways in Belgravia:

BL-001: Connecting the north limit to east, linking Slovech to Markovburgo

BL-002: Connecting Slovech to west limit, linking Stockerau

BL-003: Connecting Markovburg to west limit, linking Stockerau

Another Highways

There is too a sistem of free-toll highways acrossing Belgravia. The principal ones are:

BL-101: Belt around Slovech

BL-102: Connecting Slovech to Nova Baltimore, almost paralel to BL-001

There are another minor highways, named BL-2xx, connecting to the other cities and towns in Belgravia.


The most common transportation in Belgravia are the buses. (TBD)




There is a very important port in Porto Belgravia, close to the capital, Slovech.


see main article Football leagues in Belgravia

Belgravians likes sports very much. The major sport in province is football (soccer). Despite providing players to the Gran Luslandese national team, Belgravia has its own football league, with six levels.

A good percentage of the population still appreciate motorsports, basket, american football and ice hockey. Around Slovech, cycling and rowing is very common.

In Belgravia are three of ten raceways used in Gran Luslandese Stock Car Championship.