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Belleville (NC) is a county in the state of New Carnaby, member of the Federal States. Greatest town of the county is the City of Belleville. The county lays in the south of the metropole of Stanton. ZIP-Codes of Belleville County are 1108.. to 1109., for the city itself are used 11080 to 11089. On the map you see here the town: [1]

ZIP-code map of Belleville City

The county has --- --- inhabitants on 370,84 km² or 143.18 sqm.

City of Belleville

The city has 620 000 inhabitants on an area of 121.01 km² or 46,72 sqm. Each km² live 5123.5, each sqm 1 327.1 inhabitants. If you not count the water areas, this index is higher to 7172.9 each km² or 1857.9 each sqm.

The town is well known for its beaches and the anmusement quarter in Frasoul. Main commercial and shopping area is the Central Avenue. The port of Belleville today has lesser importance, because Ann'harbour in the south has taken over most of this business.

The central city is situated on a long soft hill, the southwestern parts of the city lay in a formerly marsh of the Cardinal River. This marshland is layed dry from F. Chardonique in the 1790ies, to build a straight street from Stanton to the south.


Most francish speaking settlers (among of other) founded Belleville 1738 as a small port, now on the eastern part of the town in the suburb Pallerton. The town then grow to the north (now suburb Frasoul) and along the beach north of the soft hillback between the sea and the Cardinal River, on which now run the Central Avenue. Around 1820 in Frasoul at the beach opened the first hotels and bars for lazy people from Stanton.

Elevation map of Belleville

1797 the ingenieer Frederic Chardonique build a straight street through the swamp of the Cardinal River from Stanton to the south (now the Chardonique Avenue, running straight 9 km from Greystone Park in Stanton to Sprelton). To make dry the land, he let dig some drain canals. With opening of the main railway line to the south 1857 here a second cluster of urbanisation start to grow. Today this area (ZIP-code aras 11089 and 11080) is a more calme part of the town as at Central Avenue.

1839 the first railway was build from Stanton, Pitcher Street to the Liberty Place. As more and more people from Stanton choose Belleville as home, instead of the railway 1897 was build the Central Avenue as new main ateria for the town. A new railway line was opened further south (now the commuter-line to Stone Cape) with the hope, to urbanisize the town further south of this new railway.

In this 1890ies years the question arise, to incorporate Bellevile in a greater city of Stanton. Local politicans fear to lost its influence and newspapers warn: "Do not make Stanton too big!" And waht to do with the rest of the county? Give it to Colsex or Wynntethla? At a poll 1898 the inhabitants of Belleville vote for her independence and a more "free and lazy" town as Stanton with own style and character. Nevertheless there was technical cooperation with Stanton for water and electricty and Belleville streetcars run over the boundary to Stanton and vice versa.

Many people mean the new railway from 1897 was too south for the central city. A better fast connection to Stanton long years was wished in the heart of the city of Belleville. On May 1915 then two subway-lines was prolongated to Belleville - one along the beach (now line 21) and one under the trees in the middle of the Central Avenue (now line 5). In February 1942 subway line 11 reached Old Jorg. There are since then many discussions, to prolongate this line to a connection with line 5 at the Central Avenue, but the subway-management in Stanton mean, there are other more important lines to build as this.

A first motorway was opened 1938, leading from Ocelote Place via the thin urbansized swamp of the Cardinal River to the south. The northern part now is the FS-101. 1959 from the forking near Hollerton the FS-1 was breaking through to Stanton - here some houses are to demolish. In the second half of the 20th century the free areas between the central city and the main railway station were urbansized, but til now at the western boundary is some free land.

Bus net of Belleville


Belleville is connected with Stanton with the subway lines 5, 11 and 21. Line 5 inside Stanton run as express-line to Southern Manheart. Line 21 is a direct connection to Bronzeville County. With line 11 you can reach Stanton Union Station. To Belleville leads two commuter-lines from Stanton Southern Station: The Stone Cape line south of the central town and the Main line more in the southwestern end of the town.

From 1873 to 1899 Belleville had a net of horsetram-lines, from 1897 to 1942 a net of electric streetcars. The last streetcar line goes out of service after opening the subway-line 11 to Old Jorg in Febrary 1942. Today a net of 25 bus lines served Belleville, numbered from 1 to 25. Lines 14 and 23 (light green and grey on the graphic) offers only peak hours service.

Cultural Features

The Belleville Opera House ......

Worth to see


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In Belleville is situated the main offive of the Schroeder company, a worldwide operating chain of cafés.

County of Belleville


Streets: The county is connected with the motorways FS-1, FS-11, FS-22 and FS-101. Through the county run the New Carnaby state roads 11, 12, 22, 35 and 106.

Railway: Belleville lay at the main-line from Stanton Southern Station to Ann'harbor. Several commuter-railways serve the county and are connected with Stanton Southern Station.

Airport: Served by the commuter railway-line Belleville - Sadikady the county has a regional airport.