Belphenia Central News Authority

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Belphenia Central News Authority logo from 1949 to 2011

The Belphenia Central News Authority (BCNA) was a state television broadcaster of the Democratic People's Republic of Belphenia that was established when Esmeralda Nakagaki used BCNA as a test station on September 19, 1949. It was founded by dictator Sasuke Volkman, designed to serve as government mouthpieces centering on Sasuke's cult of personality. In 2011, the new Belphenian government shut down Belphenia Central News Authority and was replaced with a new state television broadcaster focusing on national and international news, weather, sports and festivals instead of propaganda and news reports and documentaries focusing on the cult of personality involving Sasuke Volkman.

Former Members

  • Hirai Kanjiro (2003-2011)
  • Robert Okayama (1996-2011)
  • Gwen Weathersby (2010-2011)
  • Ike Huntman (1963-2011), retired
  • Miyoko Huntman (1965-2011), retired
  • Aki Ishiro (1949-2007), retired
  • Higuchi Yoshiiku (1949-1999), deceased
  • Isobe Takamuku (1950-2000), deceased
  • Takahashi Masumi (March 2011-June 2011), transferred to Belphenia State Television as an on-the-field reporter