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Belphenia State Television
IndustryNews agency
FoundedJune 14, 2011
FounderJodie Crystalsea
HeadquartersRemiville, Sakura
Area Served FlagBelphenia.png Belphenia
Key PeopleJodie Crystalsea, Founder
 Naoki Hiroshima, General Manager
ProductsBroadcasting, radio, web, social media
Production OutputTelevision
 Online and social media
PredecessorBelphenia Central News Authority (1949-2011)

Former BSTV News intro in 2011

The Belphenia State Television (BSTV) is a state television broadcaster of Belphenia that was established on June 14th, 2011 by the Government of Belphenia and the Angels of the Celestial Sky Guild to replace Belphenia Central News Authority during the events of the Battle of Shirahoshi. BSTV is headquartered in the News Horizon district in the capital city of Remiville.


Former BSTV News logo used from 2011 to 2016

On June 14th, 2011, Belphenia State Television (BSTV) announced that the state broadcaster replaced Belphenia Central News Authority in favor of covering national and international news reports, weather, sports, traffic, and Belphenian culture including festivals.

On July 13, 2015, Belphenia State Television launched a sub-channel for its national weather forecasts on Belphenian cable and satellite carriers.

On May 10, 2016, Belphenia State Television unveiled a new logo with the Endless Wind symbol designed by Tadashi Manahoshe of the governing body of Great Heart, retiring the old logo with the Sapphire Swan symbol designed by Christina Rockbarrow. In addition, the state-owned broadcaster debuted the new news studio, a weather center, new graphics, and a new news music package.

Major events

Battle of Shirahoshi

Between May 12, 2011 and August 8, 2013, Belphenia State Television launched a special news program focusing on the Battle of Shirahoshi, with Erza Blueautumn and Yoshiki Mochizuki as the main breaking news anchors on Belphenia Central News Authority until June 14 when the old state broadcaster was shut down permanently. Furthermore, the program was moved to Belphenia State Television. On March 15, 2012, regular programming was suspended when the war's main battle took place in Hinahi, Edaleria. The special program ended on August 8, 2013, nine days after the samurai and the Guilds of Belphenia declared victory over the Volkman regime.

2013 Mount Seralia eruption

On June 6, 2013, Belphenia State Television carried the only live television coverage of the eruption of Mount Seralia.

Death of Sasuke Volkman

Belphenia State Television was the first broadcaster to break the news of the death of Sasuke Volkman, interrupting primetime programming in the process. Erza Blueautumn broke into primetime programming at 8:44pm Belphenia Time (9:14pm Zerephine Time, 9:44pm East Belphenia Time) that evening and said:

"We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming and coming to you live with breaking news out of Greridia, Yalobusha. You are looking at a live picture of Greridians erupting in happiness with confetti raining down on the streets and people cheering. This is downtown Greridia, and we have confirmed reports from Erzanna state government officials this evening that the dictator Sasuke Volkman, the man who is responsible for killing Miyake Toshiro in 1940, the brutal killings and torture of many Belphenians and development of weapons of mass destruction, the creation of his cult of personality, and sending Heidi Law on the mission to torture the First Leader of Belphenia Reiko Beard, is dead. It was 7:58pm Belphenia Daylight Time when Yalobusha Prefecture guild master Lily Volkman say the prison guards saw Volkman fell down to the ground at the Yamamari Supermax in Cudahy, Edaleria. Belphenia State Television's Global News Center right now is just beginning to work on the story, obviously calling other news sources and trying to figure out exactly what took place that made Belphenians erupted in joy and happiness. That is, once again, downtown Greridia, Yalobusha at 8:46pm local time."

Juria Go, a BSTV field reporter, was the first reporter on the air. She also helped many BSTV news anchors when regularly scheduled programming became suspended. Later, Edaleria Heartfilia and Seraphina Heartfilia anchored throughout the overnight hours as the celebrations unfolded.

2015 Edohanesse earthquake

Between late-April 2015 and mid-May 2015, BSTV and other national news outlets covered breaking news coverage about powerful earthquakes and the eruption of Mount Edohanesse rocked southeastern Belphenia.

Local over-the-air television stations

Station callsign Channel frequency City of License Areas covered Prefecture State ERP (in kW) Notes
EYUU 30 Remiville Remiville, Magehaven, Marie, Spray Sakura Sakura 1000 Original station
SHSW 25 Shadowsnow City Shadowsnow City, McGarden, Ezuruka, Lansing Shadowsnow Ryukosha Division 1000
SPSE 36 Zerephine City Zerephine City, Ackerman, Sabreston Zerephine Shirahoshi 1000
ERDE 8 Eraede Eraede area, including Neredge Meredy Northwest Belphenia 1000
EZNN 17 Nantoka City Nantoka City area Larigothiel Mikasatshu Division 1000
ELSE 69 Lucretia Southwestern Larigothiel Larigothiel Mikasatshu Division 916
SRHS 5 Hinahi Hinahi area Edaleria Shirahoshi 549
SLOS 11 Udrogoth Astigoth Prefecture Astigoth South Loshire 502
SHRD 6 Shirahoshi Shirahoshi area Hailagord Shirahoshi 1000
SLSE 8 Catherina Catherina area New Eriwynne Ryukosha Division 988
SERA 18 Seralia City Seralia City and eastern Yaelian Prefecture Seralia Seralia Division 499
SVAL 55 Varella Shiramiyoko Island Bluesage Seralia Division 324
SANG 47 Glesa Seraphina City, Shirogami Seraphina Seralia Division 1000
SBOE 38 Three Boundaries Three Boundaries area Sakura Winterlyn 72 Low-powered television station
SRYU 43 Ryukosha Maressa Prefecture, Somejima, and Kyorishima Maressa Ryukosha 1000


Recurring themes

BSTV news reports generally revolve on several specific themes since 2015:

  • Detailing local, national, and world news, weather, sports, and traffic, including breaking news reports
  • Detailing Belphenian culture and festivals in news reports
  • Provide reruns and on-demand content of past and present festivals, even on the state broadcaster's website or mobile devices
  • Provide documentaries about the Guilds of Belphenia and the Belphenian culture
  • Reminders of governmental job requests by the International Association of Guilds in cooperation with the Workers' Party of Belphenia
  • Positive stories about Belphenia's response on work on urban development projects in Orinoco, Drevet, and Rogolnika to reduce homelessness in affected areas

Notable Members

  • Erza Blueautumn
  • Terry Blueautumn
  • Bill Truman
  • Kayeil Rockspell
  • Erza Harlington
  • Lisanna Sentinel
  • Nathaniel Sentinel
  • Constance Sentinel
  • Lisanna Xanthe
  • Justina Blackrock
  • Steve Blackrock
  • Edaleria Heartfilia
  • Seraphina Heartfilia
  • Arlene Yellowdragon
  • Gerard Yellowdragon
  • Mery Steelsage
  • Charles Redfox
  • Mayeda Hatsune
  • Ochiyo Shimomura
  • Yuma Miyata
  • Rino Umeda
  • Naoko Yasui
  • Juria Go
  • Eri Nakama
  • Natsuo Namba
  • Yoshiki Mochizuki
  • Kata Taguchi
  • Ryo Osaki
  • Hirotaka Takaki
  • Kuma Sugawara
  • Chojiro Oe
  • Kuniyuki Eguchi
  • Hikaru Asa
  • Genpaku Fujita

State media produced television programs

  • The Year in Review (2011-Present)
  • Positively Belphenia (2011-Present)
  • Angels of the Celestial Sky (television series) (2011-Present)
  • The Sense of Belphenia (2011-Present)
  • Today in Uletha (2011-Present)
  • Winterlyn Descent: Live from the Winterlyn Mountains (every year on January 10, 2011-Present)
  • Fruit Slashing Festival: Live from Sakura Gardens in Remiville (2015-Present)
  • Jet Boat Racing Festival: Live from Zerephine City (2011-Present)
  • Grand Racing Games Live (2013-Present)
  • Grand Football Games (2011-Present)
  • Sakura Trees Festival: Live from Magehaven (2015-Present)
  • Belphenia Department of Transportation's Roadgeek Festival (2015-Present)
  • The Spirit of Belphenia Fireworks Festival (every year on May 31st, 2015-Present)
  • Hearts Festival: Live from Eraede (2014-Present)
  • Zerephine Anime Festival (2011-Present)
  • Flower City Expo: Live from Shirahoshi (2012-Present)
  • Warriors of Shirahoshi (special interview program, 2014-2016)

News Feed

The news feed of the Belphenian state media can be accessed here. It is also partnered with the OGN News Center.