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Ewaldo Bergez

The brothers Emilio (1436 - 1496) and Ewaldo Bergez (1440 - 1521) were the discoverers of Latina and founder of Latina (Cidudad). First gouverneur of the new colony was til 1496 Emilio Bergez and then 1496 til 1509 Ewaldo Bergez. 1509 Ewaldo Bergez was cut off from this office and his last years he worked at the first so called "university" of Latina (Cidudad) and write the first wordbook of the indigene languages.

As 1481 the news of the succesful founding of the colony of New Holland in the year 1477 goes around, there was then the idea, to discover more of the land in southeast of Tarephia. 1487 the both brothers sail to the south with 4 ships and 250 men. In October 1487 they stay at the harbour of Nieuw Durië (now Van Pelt City) and gets the information, that in the backyard of New Holland after high mountains should be a wide plain with four or five great rivers and a good harbour. So the brothers Bergez sail further to the south and after the cap in a bow to the northwest. Here they discovered the northcoast of Antarephia and gave to the bay the name "Bahia Latina". More in the north then 1488 they sail in the Lagoon of Latina and at the end, where the two great rivers flow into the sea, they founded theyr town Latina at the shore between the Rio Guimbras and the Rio Norte.

After this foundation Ewaldo Bergez sailed back for more colonists. So first 1491 the stream of new people for Latina started. Some years Ewaldo Bergez was the man, who leads new settlers in the land, meanwhile his older brother was the gouverneur of the colony. As Emilio Bergez died 1496, his younger brother follows him as gouverneur til 1509.

Emilio Bergez died 1496 - 50 years old - after short illness. Ewaldo Bergez died 1521 - 81 years old - in his house in the city of Latina. Both are buried side by side in the old cathedrale of Latina in the Barrio # 1 (the old town).