Bernard Van Pelt

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Bernard Van Pelt

Bernard van Pelt (1437 - 1509) was the surveyor of the eastcoast of Latina and the 1477 founder of the dagelandic colony New Holland with the capital New Durië (New Duria, now Van Pelt City).

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1477 he discovered the Camino los Cerdos at the eastcoast of the continent Tarephia. Here in the times before many ships go lost, so that he sails around the islands there and landed then at the Collina Island and discovered the area from this point. Some days later he landed in the swampy delta of the Rio Pernello with the idea, to build there town and harbour, because the settlement so was good sheltered against the indegen tribes. Today Van Pelt city is one of the greatest cities in Latina.

1917 til 1919 one of his descendents with the same name was president of the republic of Latina.