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Z11, 64.0013 °N, 52.9300 °E

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capital in Bloregia
Country Bloregia
Population 700 000 (2017)
Major airport Blöndel Airport

Blöndel is the capital and largest city of Bloregia. The city is located on both sides of Kvomesula river. Together with some surrounding towns, Blöndel forms the only major off-coast urban area in Bloregia with approx. one million inhabitants, of which 0.7 million within the municipality of Blöndel.

Blöndel has i.a. an airport, a university, a castle, a metro network, a riverside harbour and two major ice hockey arenas. Tourist attractions include many large parks, several museums and a large amusement park.

Härrewilepark in Betkest (between the lake and the arena)
Mixture of city life and wilderness hiking is typical of Blöndel. In Purrilex, a forestial bonfire site linked to a hiking path lies only 2 km from the city centre and 300 meters from the main highway.





Sports and recreation



Blöndel is divided into 25 administrative divisions with number and name. Public services like schools and medical care are provided according to division of residence. Each division has its own primary school or schools, but some neighbouring divisions share secondary school and medical center.

Numbering of Blöndel's administrative sections as of 2017.

(data will be updated as mapping continues)

Division no. Division name Residential areas Inhabitants Schools, libraries Health Other
01 Sentru Sentru, Bisnepurr, Betkepurr, Gamilepurr Blöndel sentrile skoul Main railway st., Parliament, Cathedral, Old Town, Conference Center, Amusement Park
02 Betkest Betkest, Nedrile Betkest Betkest Skoul, B. Kidiskoul Hospital Ice hockey arena, Central Police Station, National Museum, Swimming hall
03 Haggai Haggai, Purrilex Haggai Skoul, Ingerish School Fire station, Cemetery
04 Bortotàn Bortotàn, Bortoasme, Obbyttu Bortotàn Surrskoul, B. Kidiskoul, Teknile Obiskoul Gamaliel Bortotàn Museum of Art, Bortotàn Park
05 Refer Refer, Referett, Gawwewwe, Mytirock Refer Skoul Medikile sentru
06 Attis Shordatt, Myrratt, Leiregatt Sydile Attis Surrskoul Stadion, Minigolf, Shordatt Old Sauna
07 Keplo Keplo, Norrkeplo, Ratile Keplo Keplo Skoul & Bibliotek Art Museum, Broadcasting & Studio Area
08 Panumbura Panumbura Panumbura surrskoul & bibliotek Panumbura Mansion, Sports Center
09 Glomb GLomb, Sydiglomb Glomb skoul & kidigarti
10 Temper Temper, Norrtemper, Sulatt, Habnu Temper Skoul, Sulatt handikappile skoul Northern Police Central, Northern Court House, Harbour, minor railway St.
11 Nivremont-Newroy Nivremont, Newroy, Tersi, Nysitersi, Newrett Newroy surrskoul, Nivremont skoul Universitile hospitahl University, Student Village, Science Fun Park, minor railway st.
12 Nicolas Nicolas, Nicolasest, Melaratile. Gobluleireg Nicolas skoul, Nicolasest kidiskoul Bisne- on industripurr
13 Riksett Riksett, Norriksett, Gamile Riksett Riksett skoul & kidigarten, Norriksett skoul Medikile sentru Major industrial area, i.a. nuclear power plant
14 Ritoll Ritoll, Körönnepurr, Hindermyrratt, Surrmutgu, Kvomeblend Ritoll Skoul, bibliotek Medikile sentru
15 Riffatt Riffatt, Riffmont Riffatt skoul, Riffmont skoul & obiskoul & bibliotek Medikile sentru Swimming hall. Attis Ice Hockey Arena
16 Longtang Longtang, Norrlongtang, Melariffom, Riffom Longtang obile skoul, Melariffom skoul Medikile sentru minor railway st.
17 Lewis-Bent Lewis/Myrrlewis, Ellrandi, Bent, Sydibent/Aeropurr Lewis skoul, Bent skoul Medikile sentru Airport Mytologile museum (Bent)
18 Lewoijpurr Lewoijpurr, Lewoijtàn, Panuell Lewoijpurr skoul, Lewoijell surrskoul & kidigarten Medikile Sentru Lewogoss Falls
19 Panusulapurr Panusulapurr, Montrinn, Panugorgu, Guckelmyrr Montrinn obiskoul, Panusulans kidiskoul, Bollmont teknile obiskoul
20 Shefull Shefull Shefull skoul
21 Chefis Chefis, Westile Chefis, Blendort Chefis skoul, Glomb-Chefis obile skoul Medikile sentru Chefis Golf, Museum of Modern Art
22 Zakaria Zakaria, Blammatt, Diplomatpurr Zakaria-Blammatt surrskoul Embassies, NWUU, VEC, Institute of migration, Peace institute
23 Nifal Nifal, Exellpurr
24 Jordanile Jordanile, Obile Jordanile, Ochernitte, Wecheroij Jordanilens kristile skoul, Jordanilens obiskoul, Ochernitte kidiskoul minor railway st.
25 Forestile Forestile Forestilens surrskoul minor railway st.

Collective traffic

Blöndel metro as of 2019 with train connections

Blöndel has a colourful collective traffic system. Local trains, metro lines and trams operate as main lines in different parts of the city and they are completed by an extensive network of bus lines and river-crossing ferries. Adjacent towns have their own bus operators connected to the same ticket system under the brand Blöndel on Blisitussis Locile Trafikve (BBLT).

Blöndel metro

Blöndel's oldest metro line, now called A, was opened in 1960 from Betkepurr southward. The original section runs mostly overground and the underground sections run close to street surface. The line was extended to the north bank in 1972.

Line B was originally opened as two separate lines, W in 1983 and I in 1986, connecting to line A in Sentru and Messile Sentru respectively. The two lines were united when Ritoll station was opened in 1992, creating the first closed circle within the network. In 1999, Longtang station was moved further west to connect to the newly opened railway station with the same name.

Line C opened in its full length in 2010, after its eastern part had served as an alternative branch of line A since 2005. Then new line significantly improved the public transport of Chefis and Lewis-Bent areas, but its main purpose was to move part of the airport transit traffic from Sentru railway station to Riffom. This change has not happened quite as planned.

New plans of rerouting and extending the metro lines are in process. In the future, the western ends of lines B and C will possibly be swapped and line from Chefis continued northward. Later on, line B will possibly be redetached between Hubapark and Ritoll, then allowing the revived route W to continue from Hubapark to the north bank toward Jordanile.

Other public transport

Local trains are mostly operated by the national company Blörrgens Irrwissis in cooperation with BBLT. The trains use codes with the letter T followed by 1-2 digits. The first digit defines the track and the second the end station within the track. Tracks 1-4 run southward from Sentru, tracks 5-6 northward. Trains toward Sentru are usually double-coded, anticipating the route followed further from Sentru.

Buses and trams use codes without letters; one-digit codes are reserved for trams, two-digit codes for bus routes within Blöndel only and three-digit codes for other bus routes. Trams operate as two separate networks on both sides of the river: lines 1-3 in the south and 4-5 in the north. Most bus lines are relatively short cross-connectors between train, tram and metro, usually serving two or three adjacent neighborhoods. Inter-municipal buses use three-digit codes with end digit zero.

River ferries operate in the summer season only and display the pier names without numeral code. The ferry network varies from year to year depending on political budget decisions.

A single ticket system is used for all types of transport. Three price categories apply:

  • Category 1 ticket is valid within Blöndel or one other municipality of the area
  • Category 2 ticket allows transit between two specific municipalities (municipality-specific discount applies for residents of the area)
  • Category 3 ticket is valid in Blöndel and surrounding municipalities (except parts of Asmell, which has a parallel, partly overlapping ticket system of its own.)

Local trains also accept tickets of the national train service for journeys crossing municipal borders.