Bohini Island

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The island of Bohini is the smallest of the main islands of Lonowai District. Even though Bohini is smaller than some of the other minor islands in Lonowai, it is considered a main island due to its further distance from the other main islands, it has its own airport and government center, its prominence as a tourist destination, and that it is further away from other islands in Lonowai. Bohini and the islands surrounding it are located in the County of Bohini which has its seat at the government center in Papuono the only city in the bureau. other communities on the island include the towns of Hadria and Mariceo, the villages of Fu'lua and Xenia

Islands Surrounding Bohini include:

  • Molokini Island which is the second largest island in the area and has its own natural harbor on the western end in the village of Little Harbor.
  • P'ale Key is the second largest but has no permanent residents and is part of the Bohini Islands Reserve National Park. Tours to P'ale Key are possible via a ferry ride from Little Harbor.
  • Fahanini island is the fourth largest island which is situated just 248 feet off the east end of Bohini Island and is accessible by bridge from the village of Fu'lua on Bohini island. The isle also has a man-made harbor which acts as one of the three fishing villages for spear and conch fishing for the islands. Located just south of Point Hadria and the town of Mariceo is the isle of Miwati which is a private resort island accessible by private ferry only.
  • The other minor islands are uninhabited and access is currently restricted at this time.
    • Aolo Isle is located north of Fahanini island and is privately owned. Development of this island is prohibited by Lonowai law.
    • Fina Key, Mona Key, and Uha'ara Key are located on the west part of the island group and are part of the Bohini Islands Reserve National Park. Access to these islands is restricted and only available via permission through the ranger service at the national parks headquarters in Little Harbor.