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13, 16.8261, 139.3793
and largest city
Official languagesIngerish
NationalitiesBonillians (68%), Ingerans (21%), Ataraxians (5%), others (2%)
GovernmentOverseas territory
 • Monarch
 • Prime MinisterJarrold Warner
 • Estimate (2019)40,120
CurrencyTaller (BON)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.bx

Bonisle is an overseas territory. Its capital and largest city is the town of Ristley. The Overseas Territory of Bonisle consists of various islands, cays and others.


The overseas territory principally refers to the island of Bonisle, nearby La Griselle and Rocky Cay, Plagerouge Island (and Petitplage), plus various minor rocks, cays, shoals and banks. Pintona island, a special territory in its own right, is administered by the governor in Bonisle.

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Bonisle is the most populous island with 39,116 inhabitants.

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Rocky Cay and La Griselle

La Griselle is a small island to the south of Bonisle, opposite Montigue. It has a small harbour and a heliport, and is comprised of various privately-owned homes. Rocky Cay is a small island south of Bonisle. It is named after its rocky coasts, though it does have a beach. It is privately-owned.

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Plagerouge and Petitplage

Plagerouge island is an ecological reserve, with a variety of grasses, shrubs and trees, as well as animal and aquatic life. The waters off its west coast were declared a Marine Wildlife Park. The island has a small dock for tourist boats carrying day-trippers from Bonisle. Petitplage is a smaller island beside Plagerouge, connected by a bridge. It serves as an exclusive resort, with some private homes but with a hotel and cabins. It is best-known for its golf links course.

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Pintona is a dormant volcano, with many high, rocky cliffs, some 65.5 km (41 mi) northwest of Bonisle. Pintona has a small beach and harbor. Marie Town is the main settlement, with Frederick's Top, La Marre and Wilfried other settlements. Pintona has an airport, South Coast Airport, built in 1973; it has one of the smallest runways in the world at some 450 m (1480 ft), and can be used by helicopters.

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Bonisle was settled by indigenous peoples around the year 900 or 1000.

The local government began construction of a small airport around 1956, completed in 1958, in order to better serve tourists. Janelle Marquise became the first Bonillian to land on the island, with her prop plane in April 1960. Regular flights were scheduled from 1964, and the airport was expanded in 1978 to accommodate jet aircraft.


Postcard with Cool's Bay (c. 1970)

Bonisle is characterized by its many sandy beaches and blue waters, dominated by the 412 m tall Mount Belair. The southwestern area of Bonisle contains Cool's lagoon, a large interior body of water, and Cool's Bay, between Mount Belair and the airport.

Just over half the island is comprised of settlements, with the rest either wooded areas, parks, beaches etc.


Ristley is the capital and most populous settlement on the island. The main towns in Bonisle are Montigue, Fernando's Hideaway, Belair and Marmelade. Bluehill and Rigolet are some of the more populous neighborhoods.


Tourism forms the bulk of Bonisle's economy, and became a key sector since first developments in the late 1940s and late 1950s.



Ristley's port is the main port for passenger and cargo vessels. The port has two terminals, an old one in Ristley and a new one by Ferando's Hideaway. Most regional cruises stop at the old port, with longer-distance cruise ships, cargo vessels and the repositioning cruise from Marapura using the new one. Some private boats may dock here. Cool's Lagoon has a number of marinas and docks, among these Port-de-Plaisance near the airport, Cool's Marina and Lamothe Docks, used for recreational boats, yachts and launches. Geraldine's Marina is a private members' marina on the east coast.


The main roads on the island are Marketing Street/Marketing Street South, Grosvenor Road, Route 1/Fernando Robinson Street and Airport Road. There are various public bus routes on the island. Taxis operate in Ristley and Montigue, and there is at least one in Belair and Fernando's Hideaway. Tourists are able to rent cars on the island, at the airport and in town.


Air traffic is served by Janelle Marquise Airport, located in south Bonisle. The airport, with a runway length of 2570 m (8,440 ft) is a key regional hub, both for tourists to Bonisle, and people traveling to other islands