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Boscainifornio (abbreviated as BC) is a state in the Federal States of Archanta. It is located on the eastern coast of the nation. As of the 2010 census, it is home to ?? people.

Federal State of Boscainifornio (Etat fédéral de Boscainifornio)
"Vivat Libertatis! (Long live liberty!)"
“La Chant de l’Océan”
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Official languagesIngerish, Franquese (Ceremonially)
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
 • GovernorDaniel Hamprey
 • Vice GovernorFrederick Washingmore
LegislatureState Assembly of Boscainifornio
 • Upper housePopular Senate
 • Lower houseHouse of Counties
 • Total20439.37 km2
7891.68 sq mi


Boscainifornio gets its name from the Fricuiqous native tribe and their word “Buscineikormuo” meaning “By the sea” in Ingerish. This word was morphed into Boscainifornio by Ingerish colonists, before it became the official name of the mainland colony in 1701. The name didn't apply to the Catlino Island territory until 1704. After it became part of the Federal States of Archanta in ??, it added the prefix “Federal State of” to its official title, becoming the “Federal State of Boscainifornio,” which is what it has been called ever since. Citizens of the Federal States commonly just refer to it as “Boscainifornio”.


Boscainifornio is located on the coast of the Ardentic Ocean, and is bordered by Laine to the north, Arlington to the northeast, Caroline to the west and Natrinia to the south. The state is mostly composed of a coastal plain, however a small sliver of land in the western portion of the state is composed of hills, running through ?? and ?? Counties. Near the shoreline, there are also many sandy beaches. The Catlino Islands are mainly just coastal plains


Counties/Independent Cities

The state of Boscainifornio is divided into 35 counties and two county-equivalents, the Independent Cities of Yorksey and Bonnaventure.

List of Counties/Independent Cities


Code Name Flag Seat km² sqm Population* Population Density (sqm) Established
05 Catlino County Flag CountyofCatlino.png Burgundyville 179.61 km² 69.35 sq mi 40,695 586.81 1689
10 Eden County Flag CountyofEden.png Edensburgh 519.10 km² 200.43 sq mi 1700
24 King Geoffery County 463.38 km² 178.91 sq mi 1720
35 Washingmore County Washingmore 1703
27 Norwalk County Norwalk 1152.49 km² 444.98 sq mi 1708
21 Independent City of Yorksey Yorksey 93.61 km² 36.14 sq mi 1,104,986 1845 (Gained Independence)
20 Independent City of Bonnaventure Bonnaventure 56.71 km² 21.90 sq mi 1938 (Gained Independence)
32 Sandston County
33 Turner County 532.66 km² 205.66 sq mi 1881
28 Penn County 534.22 km² 206.27 sq mi
23 Killiwana County 232.33 km² 89.70 sq mi
09 Dennis County 154.81 km² 59.77 sq mi
11 Forstal County
04 Caspey County
37 Winburgh County Winn 773.13 km² 298.51 sq mi
29 Platedea County
13 Frankmont County
22 Isabella County
16 Handlehill County
06 Clay County
34 Versase County
18 Hopyard County
25 Liberty County
31 Revolution County
08 Decadence County
17 Highland County
15 Goldpan County
19 Huntington County
07 Continental County
30 Pretany County
14 Franquais County
01 All Saints County
03 Cambria County
12 Franklyn County
26 Natrinia County
02 Anne County
36 Watson County
*NOTE* Population is based off of the 2010 Census


Pre-colonization (c. 8,000 BCE- ?? AD)

The first recorded people in this territory was a native tribe called the Fricuiqous, who arrived around 10,000 years ago and called the territory “Buscineikormuo,” meaning “By the sea” in their native language. After a series of small native wars, including Chief Tahoe’s War, the Fricuiqous took control of the entire territory of modern Boscainifornio, as well as some territory in bordering states. They ruled the territory until an Ingerish ship, “The Springrose” arrived on Catlino Island in 1689, where the settlers aboard founded a town named Burgundyville, starting a period of Ingerish colonization.

Ingerish Colonization (?? AD- ?? AD)

After the first colonists landed the Springrose on Catlino Island in 1689, they founded the town of Burgundyville. In 1692, a group of catholic colonists arrived. After several issues with the protestant-majority colonists, the catholics, led by Alexander Eden, were banished from the Catlino Colony to the mainland. They, landed in what is now Eden County in 1700, and founded a new colony based on religious freedom. They believed so much in this freedom, they even accepted the natives religion. They began to ally theirselves with the Fricuiqous, and in 1701 adopted the native name to the territory, with some Ingerish tweaks, founding the Boscainifornio Colony.

However, in 1702, the Catlino Colony was failing. Neglect from Ingerland as well as conflict with the natives had pushed the colonists to their limits. In 1700, the Catlino Colony had a population of 2,400 people. By 1703, the population was down to 930. 800 colonists had moved to the mainland since 1702 alone! The colonists from Catlino landed in modern day Washingmore County, and founded at small town named Oceansburough. In 1704, the Catlino Colony officially became part of the Boscainifornio Colony.

Post-colonization (?? AD- Present Day)






Roads are divided into three categories in Boscainifornio.

Federal Motorways

Federal Motorways are high-capacity superhighways that are paid for and signed by the federal government, but maintained by the State of Boscainifornio. Instead of intersections, these highways are accessed by exit and entrance ramps.

Route Number Type Beginning End Length (mi) Length (km) Counties Served Notes
FS-11 Primary Natrinia State Line in Fredericksburg Arlington State Line near Little Scandmark, AR

State Highways

See Boscainifornio State Route System

County Highways

Under Boscainifornio Code 93:2:C, any road within the boundaries of a certain county that is numbered and maintained by said county is classified a “county highway”



Subway/Light Rail Systems

Their is a light rail system in Yorksey, called the Capital Light Rail, and a subway system in the Bonnaventure-Oswego (Arlington) metropolitan area, called the Bonnaventure-Oswego Area Transit, or BOAT for short.


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