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7, 55.4, 128.1
United Woodlands
Official languagesTecherian (Boisunian dialect)
NationalitiesBoscunians 74%, Neberlians 18%, Alvedic 3%, Latanian 2%, Other 3%.
GovernmentFederal State
 • Total53 200 km2
 • Estimate (2020)2 150 000
 • Density40.4/km2
HDI (2020)0.85
very high
CurrencyBoscunian Ringan (BUR)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.bsc

Boscunis also known as United Woodlands, Forogia, or Forestia, is a landlocked country in northeastern Uletha. Its inhabitants are called the Boscunians (the citizens) or the Forestians, and with Romindians they form the Techerian ethnic group, native to East Uletha.

Its national, administrative language is Techerian language, but the spoken language is some kind of archaic dialect, nevertheless mixed with many Ingerish words. There are two distinct dialects spoken: Geddic (in the main northern part of the country) and Heidic (on the southern, Alvedic side of the Boscunian Rocky mountains)


Boscunis is part of The Alvedic Countries. During the Alvedic Union it was known as Forogia (Forestia) or Northeast Romindia.


Non-steep, hilly terrain with fields and grasslands in the center, forests in the north, high mountains in the south. There is an isolated mountain range, the Snofell, in the center, rich in minerals and ores.

The summit of the country is around 2500-3000 m while the lowest point is on the shore of Lac Inférieur du Val-Salé, a salty lake at the bottom of a big depression in the north.

People and economy

Tourism is booming and is a significant part of the country's economy along with logging industry, wood-related works, and mining (Snofell region). All the current economic developments have ties with Neberlian cities like Senford or Binburg.

The capital is a "new city" constructed between the historic towns of Sagamreog (former capital) and Laundcin in order to counter-balance the rapid development of the northwest and develop the center of the country and give it a proximity to the southern population.