Brögen (city)

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13, -1.5298, 140.5869
 • RegionBrögen
Ethnic Groups
Commonian (90%), Brögentian (8%), Others (2%)
NationalitiesNot known
 • MayorJackson Tucker
 • First LadyMichelle Tucker
 • Total
 • Urban
 • Rural
 • Estimate (2016)105,678
 • Census (2016)102,340

Brögen is a small city and capital of Brögen in the country of Commonia.


Presettled Era (70 AD - 500 AD)

The era began when some Ghazarians settled into the area, but very little they built anything but a small tent like house which was discovered on September 24, 1998 after the area was restricted for 45 years. It wasn't a rain forest at the time. Many paintings of this era were made.

Tikiwat Era (500 - 523)

The Tikiwat tribe settled to the Brögen region around 501. The tribe was invaded in 523 by the Mervads.

Mervad Era (523 - 678)

After the Mervad Era began, some of the tribe expanded miles across all the way to the coast. The Mervads were the first people to see the ocean towards West Commonia. The first Mervad leader Taga Sceg ordered the tribe to not settle too far or they'll get lost. In 678, Taga's grandson Yak Sceg who became the third ruler after Taga's son Enry Sceg died in 655, the Bregads found the Mervads and took over their land.

Bregads Era (678 - 972)

The Bregads lasted longer than the other two tribes and were very powerful. An evacuation occurred due to a big storm which destroyed most of the land and its forests making it a grassy land with a few trees existing.

The Abonded Era (972 - 998)

The era never had a tribe and remained in decay. The forest was estimated to be reformed around 985 which formed a rain forest instead of a normal forest which created tropical storms.

Resettlement Era (998 - 1200s)

The land was resettled by the Utalapians around the year 998 and started a small town called Bekella. When Commonia was formed, the tribe ended so they can join the Commonians.

Mixed Era (1200s - 1810)

The people in the area experienced many events which caused life and death. This era ended until Brögen as formed.

Brögen Beginning Era (1810 - 1842)

The town was built starting with a cabin and then started some markets and business.

Pre Brögen Era (1842 - 1930)

Brögen was being built and also introduced paved roads. The population grew faster than the previous era.

Early Brögen Era (1930 - 2000)

More laws were made in this era than any other era.

Modern Brögen Era (2000 - present)

This is the current era of Brögen.


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