Bradgy Godwyt

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Bradgy Godwyt
Tircambry-national-flag.png Tircambry, 1986
FounderGwilym ap Owain Lowri, Steffan ap Morgan Aimee & Gruffudd ap Gruffudd Bethan
Area Served Morionys, Tircambry
Key PeopleBronwen ferch Steffan Meri, Managing Director
 Gwilym ap Owain Lowri, Director
 Gruffudd ap Gruffudd Bethan, Director
 Tomos ap Rhodri Nia, Director & Chief Finance Officer

Bradgy Godwyt (Godwit Brewery) is a small brewery situated in Abercenlig, Morionys, Tircambry. It brews a number of cask-conditioned beers which have gained a high reputation among beer enthusiasts throughout Tircambry. The brewery has acquired three pubs of its own, two in Abercenlig and one in Pontargenlig, but concentrates its business on supplying mostly traditional pubs in southern and eastern Morionys.


Bradgy Godwyt was founded in 1986 by three friends in Abercenlig as part of the popular reaction against Tircambry's three large brewing companies which had bought up and closed down most smaller old breweries, and replaced their traditional cask-conditioned ales with pressurized keg beers. The three friends - Gwilym ap Owain Lowri, Steffan ap Morgan Aimee and Gruffudd ap Gruffudd Bethan - were in their twenties and had moved to Abercenlig in 1984 to try and start a new watersports company. When not engaged in their sporting passions, the three enjoyed drinking traditional ale but were dismayed to find almost none available in their adopted home. In desperation, they started brewing their own, which quickly became popular among their friends.

The first of Godwyt's three pubs - Y Goron ("The Crown") in Abercenlig
By 1986 the watersports venture was failing, but the new owner of a local pub - the Adar Môr ("Seabird") asked if they would be able to brew enough of their bitter (Chewerw) to supply him on regular basis. When the landlord of a pub in the nearby village of Llanolli asked the same question, the three men decided to cut their losses in the watersports business and try their hands at commercial brewing instead. The decision was made as they sat on the bank of the Cenlig Estuary watching the wading birds, and in particular the antics of one black-tailed godwit. They decided there and then to name their new venture Bradgy Godwyt.

Business was slow in the first few years, and at one point it looked as though the company would collapse, but after being rescued by a local hotel owner the brewery began to benefit from the growing traditional ale movement which was pushing back against the dominance of the "big three" breweries. The brewery moved from its original location to a larger premises in LLanofel, on the outskirts of town, in 1993, and by 1996 Godwyt beers were being served in pubs and hotels throughout Cantref Cenligan and beyond.

In 1997 the brewery bought a pub in Abercenlig - Y Goron (The Crown) - to prevent it being closed down and converted into a retail outlet. In 1999 Godwyt's Chewerw won the Best Beer award at the Tircambry National Beer Festival. After it won a fourth time in 2006, the brewery gave it the tagline Hoff Dircambreig! (Tircambry's Favourite!). Chewerw and other Godwyt beers have continued to win awards. Despite its fame, Bradgy Godwyt's directors have refused to compromise the brewery's ethos by expanding into a very large company.

Two of the founders - Gwilym ap Owain and Gruffudd ap Gruffudd - are still directors and play an active part in the business. Steffan ap Morgan died in 2011 and his place on the board went to his daughter, Bronwen ferch Steffan Meri, who has been Managing Director since 2016.


'Godwyt's five regular beers
Bradgy Godwyt regularly brews five cask-conditioned beers, with occasional "special ales" as well. It has also been producing the same brews in bottles since 1989 and in cans since 2003.

The five "regular" beers are:

Cenlig, a stronger, traditional bitter, named after the River Cenlig.

Chewerw, a standard-strength bitter. The recipe of this awarding-winning beer has barely changed since it was first brewed in the 1980s.

Calwen, a golden ale, named after one of Abercenlig's most famous residents, Prince Calwen.

Llanlofel, a pale ale named after the area to which the brewery moved in 1993.

Tywysog ("Prince"), a dark stout, whose name also alludes to Prince Calwen.