Breassau (region)

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Z9, 36.1401 °N, 101.4501 °E
Breassau Region

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Region in Midistland
Capital Breassau
Largest city Breassau
Country Midistland
Area 4993.82 km2
Demonym Breassaunan
Major airport Breassau Intercontinental Airport

Breaussau Region is one of the 12 regions of Midistland. It is located in the west of the country, bordering countries Esthyra to the east, and Carpathia to the south, and the regions of Shía and Rugenia to the west and north respectively. It's capital is the city of Breassau, though in the metropolitan area, there is also Del Lamera and San Vale as major settlements.

Breaussau is a majority Castellanese speaking region, but with a small minority of Gaerman and Ingerish speakers.