Brown Rice

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A wheat field
Wheat grains
Palan dough
Seasoned, uncooked Palan

Brown Rice (Koj. "Palan", "brown rice" as opposed to "Pacchan" for "wet rice") is a Kojolese food ingredient. It is made out of Búshil, a variant of Durum wheat, which is soaked, the paste then kneaded, pressed through a mesh and the resulting granules then dried. The resulting "rice grains" are then cooked just like normal rice, however they aren't as durable as the unprocessed original. Some variants use different wheat types, add extra ingredients to increase stickiness, or cover the granules in milk or other liquids before drying. Originally a poor people food, Brown rice was a way of the commoners to imitate the expensive imported rice used by the aristocracy, which in turn was inspired by the influx of Hopponese cuisine in the late 17th century. Because most areas of Kojo were and still are unfit for rice cultivation the wheat-based variant, despite a wildly different taste, quickly rose in popularity and remains one of the most iconic and wide-spread Kojolese (side-)dishes.