Brugham Harbor Terminals

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Brugham Harbor Terminals
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Brugham Harbor Terminals (BHT) is a Mergan logistics company, which plans, builds and operates container terminals at ports all around the world. Thus it is one of the largest port operators in the world. Outside of Brugham the company usually only uses its abbreviation instead of its fully name which refers to the Port of Brugham.


Brugham Harbor Terminals was founded in 1852 by the city of Brugham as Brugham Havencompanie to operate the facilities Port of Brugham. After a short, but very successful time the company was privatized in 1896.

Container terminals

Container terminals to transship cargo containers from ship to ship or between ships and trains or trucks are the main scope of BHT since the 1960s. All modern dockside cranes operated by BTH have been constructed and produced by STGS in Stanncatt.

Brugham, Mergany, Uletha

BHT operates 12 berths at the Port of Brugham in Brugham, Mergany with a total capacity of 5500 kPPEs per year.

There are 4 berths at Basin EIV, mainly used for import to and export from Mergany and neighboring countries,

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and 8 berths at Basin DII and Basin DIII, mainly used for transshipment .

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Norderhaven, Mergany, Uletha

Norderhaven, Mergany

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Merania, Commonia, Archanta

Merania, Commonia

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Trevers, Paroy, Tarephia

BHT operates 4 berths at the Port of Trevers in Trevers, Paroy.

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Viljanni, Uletha

BHT operates 3 berths at the Port in Satamavähäin in Viljanni with a total capacity of 1700 kPPEs per year.

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