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The Compagnie Ferroviaire d'Ataraxie (Ingerish: Rail Company of Ataraxia, COFAX) is the national rail operator of Ataraxia.


The first railway in Ataraxia was built in 1824 from St. Clément to what was then Ataraxia City's main port near the Old City. When the Port de Marchandises was moved out of Ataraxia City-proper, the line was truncated and a great railway station was built at Gare Centrale.

National Services

Conventional-speed rail services operate from Ataraxia City to most cities in the country from one of three main-line rail stations: Gare St. Clément, Gare du Nord in St. Denis and Gare du Midi on the Rive Sud.

From Gare St. Clément, trains operate to cities in the Centre, North, West and South regions, including Ginex, Léopoldville, Oyonnax, Rosaville, St. Sébastien and Villemarie.

From Gare du Nord, trains operate to cities North and East of Ataraxia City, including Fenelec, Marbella and Reino Oriental. The Gare du Nord is linked to Gare Centrale by Line 3 of the Ataraxia Metro and to Gare du Midi by a high-speed ferry.

From the Gare du Midi, trains operate to cities in the South and Great-East regions, including Banningstad, Donatien, Élisabethville, Saturnay and Stanleyville. There is a TREX connection from the Gare du Midi to Gare Centrale and a ferry from Gare du Midi to Gare du Nord.

Some transversal services do not operate via Ataraxia City, such as Léopoldville-St. Sébastien-Banningstad and Léopoldville-Villemarie-Oyonnax.

Some overnight trains link the Great-East region to the rest of the country, including the Stanleyville-Oyonnax, Stanleyville-Ginex and Élisabethville-Ginex services.

There is some international service to Wiwaxia from stations including Élisabethville International, Landec-Gare Nouvelle and Gare de Stanleyville Internationale.

International service to Kojo operates from Gare du Nord and Feneix International Station in Fenelec.


COFAX operates two high-speed rail services from Ataraxia City's Gare Centrale to Léopoldville and Oyonnax. High-speed trains follow conventional tracks from Gare Centrale to Ataraxia International Airport and St. Germain, then transitioning to either the LGV Nord-Ouest to Léopoldville or the LGV Sud-Ouest to Oyonnax. Numerous trains use the high-speed tracks and continue on conventional-speed tracks to their final destinations such as the Fenelec-Oyonnax, Marbella-Léopoldville and Ataraxia City-Villemarie services.

One high-speed rail service operates in the Great Northeast from Élisabethville to Landec. Some trains continue at conventional speed to Stanleyville or Ataraxia City.

Local Services

COFAX is the operator of most local and suburban rail networks on mainline tracks throughout Ataraxia. These include TREX (Train Régional EXpress) networks in Ataraxia City and Oyonnax and local services in Fenelec, Léopoldville, Banningstad-St. Éloi and Villemarie.

A notable exception is Stanleyville, where the TVM (Transports du Val-de-Marien) assumed operation of the separate Marien Valley rail network and operates local and regional services from Stanleyville's Gare du Val de Marien to regional cities including Asprières, Satolay and St. Simon.

Freight Services

COFAX facilitates rail access to Ataraxia's ports, including the Port of Oyonnax, Ataraxia's largest, and the Port of Ataraxia. In some regions, freight rail operates concurrently with passenger service, with some detours and bypasses of major metropolitan areas. Following construction of the LGV Sud-Ouest, the Grand Canal classic line was devoted entirely to freight rail between Chinonville and Pré St. Germain.


COFAX is currently studying additional high-speed rail lines from Ataraxia City to Fenelec and Banningstad/Donatien for implementation in the coming decade. However, the limited markets served mean the projects are subject to political intervention and financing is not assured.

An extension of the Great Northeast line high-speed line to Stanleyville was intended as a Phase II to the Phase I that opened in 1994 ahead of the World Cup hosted by Ataraxia. Funding was never committed and a final alignment was never chosen, although it probably would have passed through or skirted St. Domingue and St. Simon. Politicians from the Great Northeast still argue for better connections with the rest of the country, for full HSR to either Stanleyville or Ataraxia City.

A western high-speed line, from Oyonnax to Villemarie and Léopoldville, with possible to connections to Ginex or Jadotville has been repeatedly studied but is not recommended for construction at this time due to high construction costs in the mountainous North region and limited demand for travel that does not include Ataraxia's capital city.

An additional project may allow long-distance trains to resume service to Ataraxia City's Gare de Vendôme, which were moved to the less convenient Gare du Midi when Ataraxia City's TREX network opened. The 2-track bridge crossing the Var River is currently capacity-constrained by TREX operations, but may by replaced by a 4-track bridge or tunnel pending funding approval.