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OGFmapicon.png 0.58 N, 30.443 E
Cairaha (Behan)

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Province of Vodeo Flag.png Vodeo
Capital Holme
Administrator Sarah Tanner (VFP)
New Cambria 15 June 1594
Cambria Colony 3 April 1616
Independence 31 December 1725
Kingdom of Cambria 18 September 1729
Province of Cambria 21 April 1860
Postal CA
Colours Red and white
Demonym Cambrian
Not to be confused with Tircambry or the Cambric language.

Cambria (Behan: Cairaha, abbreviated as CA) is a province on the north coast of Vodeo. It borders Avalon to the north-west, Prihor to the west, and Havilland to the south, and has a coastline with the Sea of Uthyra on its east side. Cambria's capital and largest city is Holme, Vodeo's second-largest city; other main centres include Brynderwyn, Crafers, Culwawa, Longlac, and Marazan.

Prior to Ulethan settlement, the area now constituting Cambria was home to a number of Beha and Sandrin tribes. In 1498 Castellanese settlers arrived and established the colony of Nuevo Taredo, mostly located in modern-day Avalon but with a few small outposts along the southern shore of Longlac Bay; the colony was abandoned following the Tribes' Uprising of February 1505. In 1594 Rhysiogan settlers fleeing religious tensions arrived at Brynderwyn and established the colony of New Cambria. In 1616 the colony was seized by Ingerland, and through the 17th and early 18th centuries became a major Ingerish colonial port. Cambria declared independence on 31 December 1725, and became a kingdom with the coronation of King Albert in 1729. Cambria continued to exist as an independent nation until 21 April 1860, when it merged with neighbouring St Austell to form the Dominion of Vodeo.

Cambria's economy is the second-largest in Vodeo, focused mainly on services, mining, and agriculture, with some manufacturing centred in Holme and Marazan.