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CanimoFoods is a supermarket chain and food distributor in Freedemia.

History of the CanimoFoods logos from founding to today. This list does not, however, include the rare DS Foodliner logo, which only made it to a couple stores, including the original Highfield store.


In 1963, two farmers named Kenneth Duncan and Jacob Simon started a small canning company, then known as Duncan-Simon Canning. The business was going well, but they struggled to find stores to sell their products, despite some success from gaining some small sales through the then relatively young company that owned Franklin's Supermarkets.

In 1971, they started a small store in Highfield to sell their products and some other local products known as Duncan-Simon Foodliner. Eventually the store expanded to other small local stores and grew in popularity.

In 1994, they decided to change the name of the store to Can-Imo Foodliner (Can from Duncan and Imo from Simon.) The names Cansimo Foodliner, DS Foodliner, and DunSim Foodliner were considered, but decided against, though some stores were temporarily renamed DS Foodliner.

Logo used at the few stores rebranded as DS Foodliner, compared to the original version of the new CanimoFoods logo, also introduced at the original Highfield store. DS Foodliner was a branding largely only used in downtown small town stores like the Highfield and Tortoise Grove locations.

By 2006, the store had become popular enough that they needed to have a newer branding approach. In June 2006 they released a new logo and rebranded the store as CanimoFoods. The brand and distribution company are also now known as Canimo Foods.

In 2010, CanimoFoods renovated all of its stores to better compete with higher end companies like Franklin's. They also created a small group of "heritage locations", older locations with different places in the company's history. These stores have been renovated and rebranded slightly differently, with all of the modern store amenities, but with a wall or two of historic pictures and memorabilia.

The original downtown Highfield location is now known as a heritage location, and some of the old signage from the 90's (DS Foodliner) has been moved to the side of the store. There is a wall on the inside of the store with pictures and history of the company. However, the store still works at full capacity, selling a full variety of products.