Capital Commuter Company

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Lines of the CCC

The Capital Commuter Company (CCC) - head quarter in Capital of NC in New Carnaby - serves some commuter lines in New Carnaby around the capital city. The company is owned to 49 % by the Stanton Southern Link (SSL), 25.5 % from the City of Capital of NC and other 25.5 % from several towns and villages at the line. The net of the CCC is managed of the SSL.

Line "A" operated Laguarde - Capital of NC - Creedle - Chestnuts and line "B" Lakeend - Capital of NC - Prattle. Line "C" connecred Capital of NC with Geoffreysons Knee. In Laguarde line "A" meets line "5" of the Stanton Southern Link to Stanton. Most trains dayover combined both routes and run through from Chestnuts or Creedle to Stanton Southern Station about 200 km or more.

On the sections between Capital of NC and Prattle or Capital of NC and Geoffreysons Knee only the CCC operated. The section Capital of NC and Lakeend is used togehter with the lines L and M of the New Carnaby Metronome Railway NCMR and the section Creedle - Chestnuts together with lines E, L and M of the NCMR. The NCMR only stops at the more important stations, the CCC at all stations.