Capital Suburban Network (Sainðaul)

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The Capital suburban network (首都圏近郊𐐊𐐁ⵗ𐐛ᱺ𐐇𐐀ⵗ𐐠, shutokwen kinkwō nettwākk) is the network of commuter railway services managed and run by Izarail in the urban area of Sainðaul and the main cities and urbanizations gravitating around it, such as Riimibaiken, Showanul, Osenude, Shakihori, Oitsura et cetera. It is composed by 16 services characterized by high frequency, reliability and capacity. The total extension of the network is xxx km, including xxx stations integrated with Sainðaul Metro and other private railway lines.


Among the 16 services active in the network, 6 of them link the eastern side of the city with the western part, while the other lines work as commuter rails in their catchment area. Some of the most used lines include the Loop Line, making a circle around the downtown (eastern side), the Onnochika Line (north-south corridor with express service in Bajikoe area), the Chikaoi Line (north west - east corridor passing by Bajikoe and downtown), the Sabuonno Line (south-west - south-east), the Morikūn Line (north-west to north-east corridor), and the Enishaku line (south-west to north-east).

The Capital Suburban Network (first beta map, work in progress)

Fare system

The capital suburban network fare system is integrated with that of Sainðaul Metro, and the price is calculated according to the check-in station and the check-out station (all the stations have ticket gates). The minimum price is 1.90 Etsi symbol.svg (etsi) for a journey up to 5 km, adding up 0.20 Etsi symbol.svg per kilometer from the 6th to the 10th, and 0.10 Etsi symbol.svg beyond it per kilometer. The passage of a train through the Millennium Tunnel addebitates 1.00 Etsi symbol.svg on the journey fare, and another 2.50 Etsi symbol.svg are added to the fares reaching the Asunahama Int'l Airport.

For example, a trip from Sainðaul Central station to Herubori (3,30 km) costs 1.90 Etsi symbol.svg, as is under 5 km, while reaching, for example, Kotoshiruna Station, 15 km away (Bajikoe area, so on the western side of the Tandan strait) addebitates 4.40 Etsi symbol.svg (1.9 for the first 5 km + 0.20 x 5 km + 0.10 x 5 km + 1.00 for the strait crossing).

To reach with standard trains (eg, Sabuonno Line and Morikūn Line with a transfer at Kasakuri or Shin-Ikashuni) Asunahama Int'l Airport, for example from Sainðaul Central, since the distance is 35.50 km, the fare is thus calculated: 1.90 + 0.20 x 5 + 0.10 x 25.5 + 1.00 + 2.50 = 8.95 Etsi symbol.svg

To use the direct and faster Airport Express, there is a reserved seat extra supplement of 4.00 Etsi symbol.svg, and the final price becomes 12.95 Etsi symbol.svg.

Electronic money

Izpass card.png

On the whole railway network of Sainðaul and the metro area, paper tickets were phased out in 2005, and now everyone can pay for their ride with the iz:pass card, a rechargeable stored fare card, and its mobile version. After paying 9.00 Etsi symbol.svg in ride fares, no more value is addebited, since this is the set price of a one day all you can ride ticket.

Tourists or visitors can also easily purchase a iz:pass card at all the convenience stores and the vending machines located in the stations at 10.00 Etsi symbol.svg. This includes 7.00 Etsi symbol.svg of value and 3.00 Etsi symbol.svg of deposit, which can be obtained back if the card is not needed any more.

The iz:pass is also valid in the whole country, thus also on the mass transit in Warohan, Panaireki, Kichatsura, Isadashi and other big and smaller cities. It is possible to use it to pay a vast array of products and services: drinks and food at vending machines or convenience stores, meals at restaurants, cafe and bars, medical expenses, and more.

Since 2018, on selected stations in the network special "pass thru gates" have been installed. These gates have a stronger sensor, and it is not necessary to tap the card on the reader, as they can "feel" the presence of a special "kūnkan iz:pass" card at distance (for example, inside a bag, or under the smartphone cover etc).