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Caremune is a Region in south-western Commonia.


The boundaries of the region nowadays correspond to the boundaries of the historic Caremune. It was a colony of Mergany form 1854 until 1961.


The region has a tropical climate with much rainfall.


A coffee plantation in Caremune

Large areas of Caremune are used for coffee plantations. Several types of coffee beans are mainly exported to Mergany. Caremune has been one of the world's largest producer of coffee for the last 100 years. The region is important in production of green coffee, arabica coffee and instant coffee. In the 1920s more than 5 000 small farms were joined together to huge plantations.

Coffee plantations:

  • plantation I (69.9 km²)
  • plantation III (253.4 km²)
  • plantation IV (149.8 km²)
  • plantation V (113.6 km²)
  • plantation E (500.6 km²)
  • plantation S (48.4 km²)
  • plantation SE (235.4 km²)

In Merania is a big harbor for shipping freights to Uletha. In addition, there is a modern waste-to-energy plant, which was a donation by Mergan companies.