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Carla Bretigny as young woman

Carla Bretigny - born 1896 in the Palace of the family in Cascande - was a zylandrian writer and won 1954 the first Serna Prize for literature. She was the grandgranddaughter of Gerald IV, from 1844 to 1868 the last king of Zylanda.

In her youth she lived in the palace of the family in Cascande (see 15, 19.5928, 96.1271, where the family has her residence since 1868, as the family of the former kings of Zylanda must go into the exile, because the new republic of Zylanda did not allow the formerly royal family, to live in Zylanda. Cascande was the choice, because there francish was one of the spoken languages.

Her grandmother from motherside was a born Du Bois and so the Bretignys did not fall in poorness, but her possessions are only the palace, some vineyards and some other land in Cascande and the money from her relations in Latina had importance. Til his death 1909 her father, Bernard Bretigny, tries to come back to Zylanda, til 1900 as king and thereafter only as citizen of Zylanda. But the republice was stubborn. 1921 died her cousin Guilleaume and 1923 her brother Frederic, so that Carla was the last descendent of Gerald IV. Because only men could be kings of Zylanda, her was allowed to come back then 1924 and since then she lived a part of the year in Elegantia, the capital of Zylanda.

First she wrote poems in francish language and 1915 this first poems in Cascande are published as "Demilune et hirondelles" ("halfmoon and swallows"). At this time she studied history and law at the university of Khaiwoon. Next she wrote 1922 - in ingerish - the "History of the kings in Zylanda". Here she had many material taken from the family, so that she can set some points of a new sight offside of the mainstream of zylandian history - not ever without sharp opposition from the historical establishment.

But her main metier was the romantic sight of natur and the romantic side of men and women inclusive the dark side of the soul. Her first greater success was 1927 the prosa-version of "Macbeth", the classical tragedy. In his later years she self mean, that this was her best work.

In the next time she published year for year a new novel, may be in francish, ingerish or zylandian. She become well known for a special sort of literature with strong emotions of her figures, romantic love, an idyllic nature and horrible crime in the background. Her most storys playes in the 18th or 19th century. It is sayed, that 70 % of her readers worldwide are women.

From 1934 to 1939 she published a pentalogy of a family in Zylanda named "Les Malliots" ("The Malliot family") with all the entanglement over five generations, ending in the 1930-ies. Here she writes more realistic as romantic and the resonance of her new style was very positive.

From 1940 to 1942 she writes nothing, but made a voyage around the world, at every place with a warm welcome as well known writer. 1944 she published "Paula" - again one of her romantic strories. At first time, the critics are most negative and she feel, that she was at a point of emptyness. So she go back some years to Cascande and the world hear some time nothing of her.

Then she mean, it was too calme in Cascande and 1948 she appear suddenly in Du Bois in Latina at her relations and live in the palace of the Du Bois. Here she meets the first time Carlos Sapenas, before and later president of Latina and at this time leader of the mouvement "Nation First". She came in short time under the influence of this strong personality and supported Sapenas with her feather, now political active. Therefore she gets a lot of adverse and carping criticism, but she sid not care. Poeple will have found, that some texts in Sapenas literary work are from her - but both say no word to this question.

1952 came "Giaconda" in the bookshops, her new novel in her old style, but more careful written as "Paula". The reviewer shout with joy: "She is back again!" So on this wave of consent she get the Serna Prize for literature 1954. Thereafter she wrote now roundabout only all five years a novel - always a literally event. Her last book 1972 was "Peppermint", what she wrote in inglish back in Cascande. To this time she was already ill and often in the hospitals of Cascande or Elegantia.

Carla Berigny died 1976, 80 years old. She was married since 1925 with the painter and maker of décors of the stage in Elegantia and Cordoba, Jul Ganten, born in Elegantia. Carla Bretigny has no children.