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Carlos Sapenas in his later years

Carlos Sapenas was an latinian politican, president of Latina 1931 - 1935, 1943 - 1947 and 1959 - 1963. He was born 1899 in Sagomantes / province Grimoualdini. He himself say, that he were a decent of the Grimoualdini family from the side of the mother - but this is not exactly known. His character indeed has in his younger years some of the Grimoualdinis. He was one of the most scintillating politican in Latina.

In the time of the negative oeconomic years arond the late 1920ies he worked as journalist at the strong conservative "Nuestro Nación" (our nation). Later he was one of the leaders of the mouvement of "Nation Primero" (nation first) with paroles of an isolated latinian politic at the one side and a nearly communistic concept of welfare at the other. So he pounted out the socialist governement of President Lubomir Maly.

As the situation 1931 was short before a civil war, he was elected to president, only 32 years old and against the constitution. In the first four years he and his party set a lot of laws in power for the poorer people - and the capital leaves the country. So 1935 came the roll back under president Eduardo Higas and most of his modes of acting are cut back. Only his programm for ceap, but healty houses for the working class in so called "Cidudad Linear" outside the city-center, but with fast metro or streetcar connection, was continued from the presidents, following him.

1935 he was not not allowed to candidate for president - he was always not 40, only 36. This time the constitution was set against him and he must see, that his great power was broken. His party are prepared for a coup d' etat, but the rumour goes around, that still at this time the conservatives had secret connections to him (with money or not). So he stay legal and wait for better times.

1943 - after some economic difficulties - he gets this new chance and now he acted more moderate. Nevertheless - after four years and certain sucess of his work the agitation against him did her work. He must go in the opposition for 12 years. In this time the "Nation First"-movement came to the end and the rests of his followers ge to the conservatives or liberals. He himself in this time was the wolf, who eats chalk and go to the conservatives and his charisma allows him in short time, to be the leader of this party.

Sapenas was married twice. His second wife Giselle he married 1955. She was born 1918, widow and older sister of the later president Guilleaume Du Bois. So he had direct connections in the center of the liberal party.

With this start-conditions 1959 - now 60 years old and more calme and peaceful - he was the third time president of the republic without great disagreement. His party want, that this charismatic man should be elected a fourth time, but he retaired as the constitution says. 1964 Carlos Sapenas was choosen in the Senate, where he was til his death in the year 1977. In many towns street or places are named after him. He war buried in the presidents corner at the "Honor de Patria" cementery in Latina (Ciudad).

In his later years he lived in Youlanta / Nutria and was literaturally activ. Some sucsessful romans and his self-biographie "All for you" was written in this years. 1973 he won the Serna Prize for literature. Bad tongues say, that some of his textes are from Carla Bretigny, but to this question he smiles only as answer.

1978 he died, 79 years old and with the image of an "elder statesman". Carlos Sapenas is buried on the graveyard of Honor de Patria there in the presidents area Q 14.

Predecessor President of Latina Successor
Lubomir Maly 1931 - 1935 Eduardo Higas
Predecessor President of Latina Successor
Eduardo Higas 1943 - 1947 Frederico Butallas
Predecessor President of Latina Successor
Frederico Butallas 1959 - 1963 Guilleaume Du Bois