Caroline Lindentree

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Caroline Lindentree (b. 1940) is a Wiwaxian business leader and politician.

Caroline Lindentree

Early Life and Education

Born in Illingworth, she studied biology at Herbert University, and later got her MBA at Lasswade University.

Professional Life

Her first job was at St. Marc Pharmaceutique in Bourg-St. Marc in Léopoldville, Ataraxia, where she eventually served as executive vice president. She was later recruited by Fort Tamga Mills, where she became CEO in 1978. In 1980, she was chosen to run the large public utility Wiwax Power & Light. She served on then-Prime Minister Louise Allenbridge's business advisory council as chairwoman from 1980-81.


In 1982, she left business to become Chancellor of Lasswade University, a position she held for only two years before Allenbridge appointed her to the position of Wiwaxia's Ambassador to the Assembly of Nations. She later returned to the position when she left the Assembly of Nations, serving as Chancellor from 1997-2006.

Assembly of Nations

There, she held a number of key posts, including in the Social and Economic Council, where she served as chair from 1988-1990; she also served on the committee overseeing the World Health Organization.

She was elected Deputy Chief Secretary for the Assembly of Nations, a position she held from 1990-1996.

Later Career

After retiring from her position as Chancellor at Lasswade University, she continues to serve on the Board of Directors for a number of companies and organizations, including WMW Corp., the Black Tea Trust and the Royal Council on Peace.