Central Mountains (Gobrassanya)

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Central Mountains
Majority Chain
Mount Haffner.jpg
View to Mount Haffner. Central Plains are visible right.
Basic Information
CountryGobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya
TypeMountain Range (Merged)
Highest ElevationPeak Majority (3749m)

The Central Mountains are a mountain range located in the middle of the Gobrassanya peninsula. They run in east-west direction.


The central mountains conquer one third of the Gobrassanya landside.

Nearby large cities are Colquitham, Valkaria, Byrnsbank, Atwood, Lakewood and Phailoon City.


First expeditions specialized with the discovery of the the mountains began in 1831 under "Dicunavarra". A team of 32 had the job to discover new fertile land for agricultural and residential use.

Composition of the Central Mountains

The following list shows the general composition of the Central Mountains in Gobrassanya from east to west.

  • Marapura Range
  • Nunchan Range
  • Gilberts Range
  • Hybrides
  • Lamberts Chain
  • Azurkant
  • Colquit Range