Chaining and Justine

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Z14, -46.8794 °S, 46.6789 °E
Chaining and Justine
Flag of Chaining and Justine

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Former Municipality in Winn
Capital Chaining
Country Winn
Barony Caspica
Highways N18 (Winn)
Train station Chaining General Station, Chaining Bath Station
Website www.chaining.wn

Chaining and Justine (Aeránanue: Jénigny he Jeustigny) is a former municipality in the southeast of Caspica, in the very southeast of Winn. It used to be the southeastern most municipality in all of the country, and held the only border crossing to the neighbouring country of Esterlon. The municipality was formed in 1892, as part of the municipal reform law, containing the titular places of Chaining and Justine, as well as nearby Hozington and Earde. In 1955, the municpality was maintained, despite heavy municipal reforms in the area. In 1990, however, Chaining and Justine was fused into the new municipality of Diskland, which remains to this day.