Chappel-Humsby Station

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Train Station
LocationCanal Creek Road 1, Chappel
Coordinates46.21539°S, 43.92427°E
Owned byEHVW
Operated byEHVW
Line(s)Kingbury Station - Saint Almath Station
Train operatorsWinn Central Rail
Bus routesBus 10 (Playsworth - Humsby Easthold)
Bus operatorsSaintsbus
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Station codeCHH
ClassificationCommuter Station

Chappel-Humsby Station is a train station in Chappel, Saint Almath. It is the only intermediate train station in the country, as the two other stations of Saint Almath are termini. It lies on the line between Kingbury and Saint Almath. The station was opened 10 years after the opening of this line, as intermediate stations was deemed necessary to relieve Saint Almath's central station. Originally, Saint Almath Homestead Station also laid between Chappel-Humsby and Saint Almath Central, but was closed in 1980 due to lack of passengers. Chappel-Humsby not only serves the relatively small village of Chappel, but through a bus connection also serves Humsby and Playsworth.


The station lies on the western side of Chappel, along the Canal Creek Road, named for the Martin's Creek, which was canalized to course along the railway here, and crosses underneath the railway at the site of the station. Inside the station, a glass floor shows the creek flowing underneath the station floor. The station itself is elevated, with an island platform, where at ground level, passengers walk underneath the tracks to an elevator up to the platform, or using an elevator. The entrance to the station is from the Canal Creek Road only - no entry is possible from the western end of the station.

Train Services

Chappel-Humsby sees one train per hour in each direction, on the commuter service Gidswhilde - Saint Almath, which combines with the service Gidswhilde - Putscastle creates a half hourly service between Kingbury and Gidswhilde.

Bus Services

Chappel-Humsby, as a train station primarily built for passengers to and from Humsby is connected by bus to the town. Additionally, this service also connects towards Playsworth, although the time table of the bus service is set up to benefit passengers for Humsby. This service is the only bus service that serves the station, or Chappel as a whole, even.