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Charlotte Gontard (born 1677 in Linea and died 1745 in Van Pelt) was a latinian writer. She is famous for her literature-salon, held in the city of Linea in the years from 1701 to 1730. The most famous protegée of her salon was Nepomuk Du Bois.

Charlotte was born as daughter of Ernesto Gontard, the major of Linea in this time. As the only child of her parents her father set all his energy in the education of his daughter. 1691 she went to the university of Cordoba to study literature, beaux artes and linguistic. Here she become a well known actress and a figure of the "demi monde". 1697 she gets his son, Oswaldo Gontard - later a lawyer in Linea. This was too much for her father and he took back his flippy daughter in the more calme town of Linea.

But it seemed, that in short time her father again was victime of her charme and he allows her to open a "literature-salon". In his house then writers, artists and journalists go in and out for meetings and discussions. After a while this was known in Cordoba and she was asked, to come back in the city of her first success with her salon. But here was the endpoint of her fathers meaning - only in Linea or not. In the following time so in Cordoba own salons there are established.

In Linea she handles her affais more discret, but there are some rich men at her side, so that she never miss the necessary money for his saloon, as her father died in 1722. But in this years - meanwhile in the age of 45 - the blossom of youth was gone and more and more she has the sorrow, to continue this great style of life. Lately, the family Du Bois give some money in sight of her frienship to Nepomuk Du Bois.

1734 he gave up her salon and start sightseeing first in Latina and then to Zylanda and some places in southern Uletha. Get feaver in Castellan, she retired back to Latina. In an hotel in Van Pelt she died five days after her ship has reached the harbour.

Charlotte Gontard herself wrote a lot of popular poems (p.e. "Ginny, my cat", "Never forget him", "The answer") and some novelles with a lot of sentiments - til today most read of young woman. But her great importance for the latinian culture life was her salon, sponsored by her father and some rich lovers. Today her house in Linea is a museum an can be visited 18, -13.55705, 35.00158.