Chemins de Fer du Prince

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The Chemins de Fer du Prince (CFP) are the national railway company operating in Drapeaubro.png Broceliande. It is the owner of the whole network and the only company allowed to operate train services in the country (except on international routes).

It is fully controled by the State of Broceliande and the Prince is the CEO of the company (though he has almost no power on the strategical decisions).

The company was founded in 1844 by Prince Guillaume II. The first main line linked Valoris with Sansévérina in 1855.

CFP operates national and regional services. It is also in charge of three particular networks :

GVB network in 2017
Departure board in Troie-Ville-Marie Station on a basic morning
Train indication on a plateform in Troie-Ville-Marie Station