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Achtung.svg This is a lost country (or other lost place) that no longer exists in OpenGeofiction.

In some cases, articles about lost countries or other lost places may be preserved as a record of someone's creative efforts long ago, but these articles have no bearing on the OpenGeofiction world. DO NOT use the information in these articles in developing histories. These countries are no longer "canon", which means that not only do they no longer exist, but they never existed in OGF history.

6, -8.668, 156.863
Chionovich Federation
Чёновичина Федерация Chyonovichina Federatsiya
FlagCoat of arms
"Единщ, Братаство, и Цвобада
Edinšč, Bratastvo, i Tsvobada"
"Unity, Fraternity, and Liberty"
Наӥт муй домов Najit muj domov
"To find my home"
CapitalYolsha (administrative)
Khargyat (legislative)
Dramak (judicial)
Largest cityAkrug
Official languagesChionovich
 • National languagesSvenish, Zamirese, Latsinka
Ethnic Groups
Chionovich 83.2%
Svenish 3.9%
Zamirese 1.1%
Latsinka 0.6%
Other 11.2%
GovernmentFederal Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
 • PresidentAlexi Gormachiev
 • Vice PresidentYaraslava Khudražal
LegislatureFederal Assembly
 • Upper houseFederal Council
 • Lower houseState Duma
 • Total450,306.88 km2
173,864.48 sq mi
 • Water (%)3.6
 • Estimate (2015)142,578,000
 • Census (2012)139,279,438
 • Density228.35/km2
591.44/sq mi
HDI (2014)Decrease 0.816
very high
TimezoneCST (UTC+10); FUST (UTC+10:30); ZAST (+10:45)
CurrencyChionovich Ruble (CHR)

Chionova (English pronunciation/:t͡ʃiɒnoʊvə/; Chionovich:Чёнова Chyonova), officially the Chinovich Federation (Chionovich:Чёновичина Федерация Chyonovichina Federatsiya /t͡ʃjɔnovɪt͡ʃinə fedɛɾat͡sijə/), is a sovereign state located in the northern part of Archanta. Chionova also comprises of three islands, Fushan, Kharbosk and Zamir, located off the south coast. Chionova borders Turha to the west, Commonia to the north, and

Chionova covers 450,306.88 square kilometers (173,864.48 square miles) of total land which includes the two southern islands. It also has a population of 140 million, which makes it one of the most populated country in the world and most densely populated. The country is divided then into 13 krajina (краӥна) and 4 obshini (обштина).


The name name Chionova is derived from the Old Chionovich words Чётиры Chyotiry (four) and нов nov (new), making it derived from the new four. This is describes from the collapse of the Grogic Empire, resulting in 4 new states taking place (one being Chionova).




According to the Constitution of Chionova, the country is a federation and semi-presidential republic, wherein the President is the head of state and the Vice President is the head of government. The Chionovich Federation is fundamentally structured as a multi-party representative democracy, with the federal government composed of three branches:

  • Legislative: The bicameral Federal Assembly of Chionova, made up of the 510-member State Duma and the 150-member Federation Council, adopts federal law, declares war, approves treaties, has the power of the purse and the power of impeachment of the President.
  • Executive: The President and Vice President can veto bills that comes from the house. They can also can make bills which, in turn, can be vetoed by the Federal Assembly.
  • Judicial: The Federal Court, Constitutional Court, and lower federal courts, whose judges are appointed by the Federation Council on the recommendation of the President, interpret laws and can overturn laws they deem unconstitutional.

Administrative Divisions

krajina (краӥна)
Abbr. Flag Arms Name Chionovich Area Population Density/km Capital
ВОЄ Voevodes Воєбодзцка 22,551.89 36,653,760
ДУБ Dubras Дубразька 69,923.41 11,573,991
ЖАМ/ŽAM Žamir Žamirskaya/Жамирска 11,365.54 2,046,938
КАЗ Kazan Казанска 44,887.27 13,003,458
ЛАЦ/LAC Latsinka Лацинка/Lacištiek 43,792.55 10,982,952
МАЗ Mazovia Мазовиески 44,299.50 26,275,392
СВЕ Svenobia Свенобиекие/ Svenobiekie 31,846.70 13,754,972
ЎСО Ŭasova Ўсовска 18,728.95 7,197,394
ФША Fyušan/Fusian Фюшанска 17,805.39 4,221,509
ХАР Kharbosk Харбоск 38,178.81 6,094,032
ЦОЛ Tsolau Цолауска 35,220.48 1,640,068
ШВЕ Šveskrožat Швескрожацка 84,736.5 13,754,972
ЧУБ Čubuz Чубуз 39,422.92 3,897,364
obshini (обштина)
ДРА Dramak Obshini Обштина Драмакска 875.45 2,396,855 -
ЁЛШ Yolša Обштина Ёлшаска 1,143.43 4,443,278 -
ЖОР Žoriev Обштина Жориевска 1,036.24 6,003,581 -
ХАР Khagyat' Обштина Харґятьска 703.63 2,097,352 -


Chionova is located in Archanta covers an area of 510,810.07 square kilometers. Chionova consist of a mid-sized mainland area and three islands off the the souther coast known as the Chionovich Isles.


From its 2012 census, Chionova has a population of 139,279,438 people, making it the most populated countries in Archanta. Between 2007 and 2012 the population grew from 131,245,972 to 139,279,438, a growth of 1.1953 percent or 8 million people. Chionova has a population density of 591 people per square kilometer. The overall life expectancy in Chionova at birth is 80.81 years (78.36 years for males and 83.26 years for females).

Largest cities