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Municipality in Principado de Vega
Status National Capital
Province CiudadVegaFlag.PNG Ciudad de Vega
Elevation 16 m
Demonym Veguian
Population 2,527,775 (2014)
Major airport Aeropuerto Internacional de Vega, Aeropuerto Vega Sur - Sálvora
National Highways  A1   A2   A3   A4   A5   A9   A10   A10S   A98 
Train Station Vega EC
Metro Metro de Vega

The city of Vega is the capital and main city in the Principality of Vega. It is as well the capital to the province of Ciudad de Vega, which is the smallest in the country (520 km2), and to the only municipality in this province. The old city lies in the largest island in the mouth of River Vega, and the rest of the city developed in the mouth and the north east shore of its estuary, in the southeasternmost part of the country.

It has boundaries with the provinces of Sálvora in the south west, Victoria in the northwest and Ruerguesado in the north and the east. The city of Vega and the closest cities in these provinces, including Sálvora, Liguria, Santa María del Mar, Cortegaza, Albella and Claramonte, among others, form the conurbation of Vega, the most populated in the country with around 6 million inhabitants.

Ciudad de Vega has a population of 2,527,775 inhabitants, divided in 12 districts.


The city of Vega lies in the mouth of River Vega, in its last 10 km, between River Ruer (left side) and River Gares, and on the left shore of the Vega Estuary. The old city center lies on an island in River Vega; the areas around the river are flat, and the areas of Valvanera and Lonquéjar are hilly, especially Lonquéjar, where the castle lies 100 m high.



The districts are subdivisions of the region and province of Ciudad de Vega. They usually correspond to the former municipalities in the city.

Name Boundaries Historical Municipalities
Casco Histórico River Islands of Vega and La Ermita Vega
Ensanche (Norte) Vega River - Calle Ciudad de Génova - Avda. Alhambra - Avda. Cortes Vega
Ensanche (Sur) Avda. Cortes - Pº Reyes Católicos - Avda. Cid - Avda. Gonzalo de Berceo Vega
Ribavega Vega River and Estuary - Pº Reyes Católicos - Avda. Cortes Vega
Fuente Clara Vega River and Province of Sálvora - Province of Ruerguesado - A10 - Avda. Los Ángeles Laguna de Fuente Clara
Villafranca Vega River - Avda. Los Ángeles - A10 - Province of Ruerguesado - A3 - Avda. Europa - Avda. Alhambra - Calle Ciudad de Génova Villafranca de la Ribera
Clavijo Avda. Alhambra - Province of Ruerguesado - A4 Clavijo
Valvanera A4 - Province of Ruerguesado - Ctra. Arón - Avda. Valvanera - Avda. Gonzalo de Berceo Santa María de Valvanera
Miravilla Pº Reyes Católicos - Avda. Cid - Avda. Valvanera - Ctra. Arón - Province of Ruerguesado - A10 - Ronda Lonquéjar - Avda. Lonquéjar Campo de Miravilla, Bastavales
Lonquéjar Vega Estuary - Pº Reyes Católicos - Avda. Lonquéjar - Ronda Lonquéjar - A10 - Province of Ruerguesado Lonquéjar
Sauller Vega River - A9 - V10 Sauller
Egara A9 - V10 - Vega River - Province of Victoria Egara


Roads and Highways

The city of Vega is the origin of the main roads and highways in the country; all provinces are directly communicated by at least one of the main highways:  A1  to Sálvora, Izaro, Leiden and Langraiz;  A2  to Liguria, Silea, Bazano, San Jorge and Bosconia,  A3  to Burgo de Valdecorneja and Tedra;  A4  to Ruerguia, Lox, Eraso and Córdoba,  A5  to Santa María del Mar and Noremburgo,  A9  to Albella, the ring highways  BPV  (First Ring),  A10  (Vega Orbital Highway) and  A8  (External Ring); and other important highways such as  A7 ,  A11 ,  A41 ,  A51 ,  A90 ,  A97 ,  A98  and  A602  complete the network of the conurbation of Vega.


Ciudad de Vega is served by two airports, though none of them is within the province boundaries. The main one is Aeropuerto Internacional de Vega (Vega International Airport), 15 km northeast of Vega in the province of Santa María del Mar, and the second one is the Airport Vega Sur - Sálvora in the region of Sálvora, 15 km south of the city centre.

Train Infrastructure

The city of Vega, its conurbation and the area of influence is served by an extense train network called RedU Vega.


The city of Vega has a well developed subway system, communicating all the districts of the city and other cities in the area. Metro de Vega has 10 lines.


Football and Basketball are the most popular sports in the city of Vega.